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Will Enterprise Mobility be the Biggest IT Investment This Year?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 04-Feb-2016 09:31:17
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It has been revealed that more than 90 percent of IT Decision Makers see enterprise mobility as a huge investment opportunity in 2016. Businesses are being more proactive this year in boosting customer engagement, competitiveness and operational productivity, all through the deployment of an innovative mobile solution.

In addition, the new Appian study conducted by Harris Poll found that nearly three in four (73 percent) admitted their companies have plans to mobilise the entire organisation.

Enterprise mobility is enabling employees to work away from their assigned work locations using mobile devices and the market is expected to accelerate in 2016. However, the majority of businesses have yet to deploy full enterprise mobility solutions across their organisation which is why these next 12 months are so important.

Companies are shifting their focus from simple mobile applications to an entire enterprise mobility strategy. IT professionals are beginning to realise that a strategic focus on the mobile apps will fail to deliver full transformation that occurs within the enterprise.

The past year has overseen some big changes in the mobile arena. Early adopters are now looking deeper into the platforms they are currently using and in the coming months, businesses will begin to search for solutions which are easier to manage and integrate better with existing features.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will continue to grow with businesses being able to save costs with a stable BYOD model in place. However, limitations may be enforced when it comes to BYOD. Specific brands and models may only be supported for some organisations.

It’s becoming very common for employees to use their mobile devices at work in order to boost productivity. Whether it’s obtaining company information or accessing emails, employees need to be given the freedom of using their smartphones and tablets around the workplace.

2016 is going to be a huge year for enterprise mobility. Investing in a long-term mobile strategy and having your IT team manage it certainly isn’t a small concept but if a business invests wisely in an enterprise mobility strategy, it has the potential to stay in front of the evolving mobility concerns and more importantly, in front of its competition.


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