Why Sports Teams and Organisations Need Mobile Apps

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 16-May-2017 09:05:04
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sports app development b60 apps-1.jpgFor sports teams and organisations, providing a great experience for fans is everything. Developing a mobile app will enhance the match day experience and take fan engagement to a whole new level.

An app has the ability to bring changes to the field that extend beyond the existing match day experience, delivering a next level fan experience.


Boost fan engagement

Sporting applications can bring together a host of team-related content in one place:

  • News
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Stats
  • Fixtures

In addition, social integrations are key within an app, allowing fans to share club-related content via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sports mobile apps. Beacon technology is helping fans find their seats and order food, completely transforming the typical match day experience for supporters.

Augmented Reality is also being utilised by sporting organisations, allowing fans to watch exclusive footage and view stats when their smartphone is pointed at their match day programme.


The perfect marketing tool

Boosting fan engagement is just one of the many benefits a sporting app possesses. It can also be used as a marketing tool for your organisation, allowing marketing teams to send targeted notifications at key moments.

Teams also have the option to incorporate their mobile stores into an app. This will help provide a complete mobile experience for fans, allowing users to purchase club memorabilia via their smartphone and tablet devices.

This also goes for a club’s ticketing system. If you give fans the option to purchase tickets via the app, it will reduce the time and effort it takes having to visit your website.


More crucial data

Accessing and analysing data is key for sporting organisations. A mobile app will enable a club’s marketing team to shed light on deeper details such as what content resonates best for specific age demographics.

This will enable teams to get to know their fan base better and also tailor a better all-around fan experience. The backend of a sporting application can process data quickly and deliver results to marketing teams in the shape of actionable analytics.


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