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Why Employee Engagement Will Help You Succeed at Digital Transformation

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 27-Nov-2018 07:30:00

Usually, when talking about Digital Transformation, technology is the main focus of the discussion. Sometimes we mention the corporate culture which should encourage and promote experimentation and 'fail fast' approach. Rarely do we talk about employee engagement and experience, and how it can impact our efforts during digital journey.

Remember, Digital Transformation is not a technology problem – it is a people problem, and in order to address it properly you need to take care of your employees.  Employers have no choice but to improve the employee experience around the ongoing change within the company, especially if they want to avoid failure, which in some cases can greatly damage their business.

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So how will employee engagement and experience help your business succeed in Digital Transformation?
Well, the most important thing is that your employees will be the ones implementing the change! Without their support, Digital Transformation will surely be doomed to failure. People don’t like change, they find it difficult and unsettling. And if you add digital and technology to this equation, you can face some serious problems such as resistance to change. This is why, you need to talk to your people, some may not understand the point of the transformation, while others will lack the skills the business now needs. But they need to know that Digital Transformation is not their enemy. Of course, there are things that will change, and people will need to get used to the new technology and operating models. But you must reassure them that they are still needed in your business. It is your responsibility to retrain employees whose tasks and jobs are automated by technology. Your employees will need a chance and an opportunity to embrace the transformation, and if you can support them during their journey, you can be sure that it will ultimately pay off.


But how can you support your people when driving forward Digital Transformation? Here are some tips you can find useful.


Measure the Impact of Digital Transformation on The Working Life


If you want your employees to be happy, you need to listen to them and measure the quality of their working life. It will differ depending on the departments, teams or even individuals but you need to know how satisfied they are with their job and what kind of impact change has on them.  If, by any chance, you find out that people are struggling with any aspect of the transformation project, you will need to take steps to improve their situation by listening to their concerns, talking to them about the change and taking their opinion into account. Remember, most people may already know how they want to approach the change, but they lack the resources – you need to provide them with that and become their facilitator.


Provide Training and Get Your Employees Used to Technology

As mentioned earlier, Digital Transformation is not a technology challenge, but let’s face the truth – technology is a pretty big part of the change you’re going to implement. So, in order to adapt to the transformation, your employees will need to get used to emerging technology. Some of them might already be familiar with technology, and that’s great. But regardless of the experience, you will need to provide your people with training, which will help them accept the change. Every company should invest in new capabilities and make sure employees develop the skills to keep up with a fast-paced and dynamic environment of change. Your employees need to learn about the direct and indirect changes Digital Transformation will bring. Your people will gain relevant skills, become more confident, and this will reduce frustration during problematic times. Try to encourage all employees to go through the immersive training program as it will promote collaboration and drive adoption. Allow people to experiment with technology and teach them how risk and fail fast – they will feel empowered to make decisions and will feel more involved.


Remember: your people are the driving force behind your business, and with the right team you can achieve great things. But you will need to engage your employees in the change process in order to do that.


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