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B60 -AR VR in Retail Guide

Retail is one industry that isn't afraid of change. Reality technologies have been around for a while and, unsurprisingly, retail brands were among the first to adopt this technology into their digital strategy. However, how retail brands can implement this technology to compliment their business strategy can be unclear.

This whitepaper will provide you with an essential guide on how your brand can utilise augmented reality and virtual reality within both your physical and digital platforms, and explain how you can begin to introduce them into your products and services. 



The Seven Point Digital Transformation Checklist

Digital Transformation is becoming imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. What’s not clear to many business leaders is what digital transformation actually means for their organisation.

In order to stay relevant, businesses must stay ahead of the momentous shifts which are perpetual in digital technology. Forrester research found that only 27 percent of operating companies have a working digital strategy, and for many organisations, keeping pace is proving to be a real challenge.

In a world where everything is touched by technology, organisations have never been posed with such enticing opportunities to reinvent themselves.

This white paper will provide you with an essential seven point checklist ensuring your business is prepared for a successful digital transformation. 


How to Combat the App Uninstall Epidemic

More than 3 out of every 10 installs of mobile apps globally end up being uninstalled. Minimising an app’s uninstall rate is a key factor for success in today’s marketplace and it’s essential you know how to combat this app uninstall epidemic.

There are now more than 4 million apps in both Google Play and Apple’s App Store, with each app having its own fierce competition in an overcrowded market. If your app isn’t up to scratch, users won’t use it, or worse still, it will be uninstalled.

With hundreds of apps being introduced to the app stores almost every day, it is becoming harder to acquire new users as well as retain the existing ones. According to research, about 80% of apps are deleted after their first use. And there is about a 60% chance that a user who hasn’t used the app in the first seven days, never will.

This whitepaper will provide you with valuable tips on how to reduce your uninstall rate and improve engagement with your app users.


The Complete Guide to App Store Optimisation (ASO)

Whilst SEO is one thing, ASO (app store optimisation) is another beast entirely. No matter how well you market your app, you’re still going to be highly dependent on app-store based search.

The bad news: app store discovery is not easy: on both the App Store and Google Play Store, there are over 4 million apps vying for your attention.

The good news: ASO best practices aren’t yet widespread; chances are, there’s room to gain a significant edge on your competition if you put into play the insights we’ll break down in this whitepaper.

This complete guide to ASO will ensure your business or brand sets up your app’s page the right way within different app stores.


B60 Book: Mobilising the Enterprise

Implementing an enterprise mobility solution isn’t a straight-forward process by any means. It requires great effort, a scalable and robust strategy and substantial time and investments.

‘Mobilising the Enterprise’ will ensure your business is well equipped to begin planning and implementing a mobile solution. It will take you through the critical components of an enterprise mobility strategy and help your business leverage mobile to be innovative, agile and successful.

Discover the benefits and challenges of implementing an innovative enterprise mobility solution within your enterprise and follow our seven step guide to creating the ultimate mobile strategy.

This book walks you through the various aspects of enterprise mobility and will provide you with top tips and advice regarding UX/UI design, application development and developing an effective business case and ROI.


Creating the Ultimate Mobile Strategy in 7 Easy Steps

Mobility is transforming our lives, whether it’s the way we bank, shop, entertain, travel, learn and work. But is your business ready for the mobile revolution? This whitepaper will show you and your business how to create the ultimate mobile strategy in 7 easy steps!

“Companies seeing the biggest benefits from enterprise mobility are those which consider mobility far more broadly than Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Developing and deploying an innovative enterprise mobility strategy for your business can be a lengthy process but one that will empower your workforce and give them access to enterprise data. It is less about managing mobile devices and more about being an advocate for the business, enabling the organisation to integrate and deliver new and innovative business services more quickly.

By understanding the role mobile can play within your enterprise, it will enable a quicker and far simpler implementation along with a smoother deployment process. We’ve put together seven steps for your business to follow in order to create the ultimate enterprise mobility strategy.”


B60 Book: Go Mobile

Mobile application development is changing the way enterprises operate and B60 are at the heart of it. The distribution of mobile opens up unlimited opportunities for both enterprises and consumers.

“71% of enterprises are now deploying mobile apps. Your business has the ability to work smarter, faster and more cost effectively. Developing an enterprise mobile app will help exploit the huge potential your business possesses.”

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