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When ‘Push’ Comes to Shove, Mobile Has a Distinct Advantage.

Posted by Pete on 19-Sep-2014 14:43:09

"50% of adults utilise push notifications to receive special and exclusive offers..."

In mobile there’s a huge amount of noise around ‘Push’ or ‘Push Notifications’, but what exactly does this mean for businesses?

Put simply, a push notification is the alert sent to you by an app on your phone to notify you of something.

Those notifications on your home screen when you pick up your phone, or those little numbers in the corner of an app icon? That’s right, they’re ‘push notifications’.


A typical iPhone push notification

Push notifications are being utilised by a growing number of smart businesses who can see the advantages of improved communication with customers throughout the day and with great success.

The Numbers Paint a Promising Picture.

According to research conducted by global marketing company Responsys, 60% of adults engage with apps from their preferred brands and 70% of these adults take advantage of push notifications. When a younger demographic was surveyed these numbers only grew.

Why do Customers Like to Receive “Push Notifications”?


These numbers serve to strongly support the use of push notifications by businesses of all sizes and the level of interaction is beginning to justify investment in such technologies. Customers communicate all day every via their mobiles devices, the smart business needs to as well.

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