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What's next for Apple?

Posted by Fran Geddes on 29-Aug-2017 13:58:08
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 Although we are yet to hear from Apple, multiple rumours have been flying around that, following tradition, the latest iPhone will be launched on September 12th. Keen fans have been eagerly anticipating what Apple has in store. Due to this year being the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, rumours have been flying around as to what Apple is set to announce. Apple development

iPhone 8

iphone 8 rumoured design

'iPhone 8' Mock Up by Benjamin Geskin


The ‘iPhone 8’ has probably had the most excitement surrounding its rumoured launch – and it’s no wonder since the iPhone is one of, if not the most, popular product out of the Apple range. Many of the conversations surrounding the conference have been focused on predicting the features of the new phone, with people trying to crack algorithms and analysing videos to seek information.   

With security being a main concern for smart phone owners, one of the most predicted features of the iPhone 8 is facial recognition. Sources say that the technology can not only unlock your phone, but authorise payments, launch secure apps and may even silence notifications when a user is on their phone; further enhancing the user experience. The technology is rumoured to be very fast and very accurate with infrared cameras, allowing usage in the dark, and processors that can recognise a face, even when lying flat on the table. That’s not to say that the Touch ID feature will necessarily be removed with some reports suggesting it could be placed on the back. 

Another circulating rumour of the new model is wireless charging. The feature is an almost guarantee at this point, with multiple articles citing the item, however, a report by MacRumors has stated that, whilst wireless charging is very likely, it may not be rolled out along with the phone launch as it has caused a ‘panic’ within the company due to its slower charging rate.

As for the design, the advancements within the security technologies (facial recognition) hint at the removal of one of the most recognisable features, the home screen. Multiple graphics have been shared hinting at a bigger screen, with a paper thin board, only imposed by the front camera. Again, this is a very likely feature due to the highly competitive Android models like the Samsung Galaxy S8.   

Although augmented reality software rumours seemed to have died down, this could still be a major feature of the latest phone. Trends within the high street have been pointing towards the use of augmented reality to enhance the customer experience, and since online shopping is set to be a primary driver towards sales, developing a phone which reflects these trend seems logical. Apple have left clues pointing towards this development with the September release of ARKit.

Recently 9to5Mac have stated Chinese news website GeekBar, a news website with a good track record of iPhone predictions, have announced that the iPhone 8 will be available in three storage capacity sizes of 64gb, 256gb and 512gb.  This is understandable due to the developing smartphone capabilities and the diverse range of feature and uses. Smartphone users are now demanding more out of their phones, and this usually requires a substantial amount of storage.


iPhone 7s/7s Plus

The iPhone 7s/7s Plus is likely to be the cheaper alternative to the iPhone 8, and when I say cheaper I mean less than the rumoured £900 price tag of the 8. Although the publicity is mainly surrounding the iPhone 8, we do have some hints as to what the iPhone 7s/7s Plus will feature, including rumours of an upgraded design with a glass back, dual lens camera and a more powerful processor with the possibility of an ungraded RAM. 



Apple HomePod

Apple HomePod


Announced in Apple’s June conference, Apple’s HomePod release date is likely to be announced at the September conference. Although the June conference gave us details about the sound quality and AI features implemented within the hardware, Apple may have to have a few extra features up their sleeve to compete with Amazon’s Alexa Echo and Dot. The HomePod boasts an advanced algorithm and special awareness to allow for the highest quality sound depending on its surroundings and includes Apple’s AI assistant Siri. So far, the HomePod does not look too different to what Amazon is currently offering, however, Apple could unveil some features which could see the HomePod replacing your Echo/Dot.


Apple Watch Series 3

Along with a design update, the Apple Watch Series 3 is likely to implement features that could eventually rival smart phones. Arguably, the most prominent (rumoured) feature of the newest Apple Watch is its cellular connectivity. You may soon be able to make calls from your Apple Watch allowing the smart watch to operate without an iPhone pairing. Other rumours point towards a built-in camera, the ability to stream music and an improved battery life.


Release Date for iOS11

At Apples June conference, details concerning the features of iOS11 were announced. As of yet we are to find out when the software will be released. This is expected to be announced at the upcoming conference. So far, iOS is set to feature live photo editing, message app syncing across devices, revamped designs within Apple Music, App Store, News etc., do not disturb during driving and payments via messaging set to rival developments within Fintech start ups.


In the upcoming weeks, Apple will demonstrate its culture of secrecy and everything will be on lockdown at the Californian headquarters.  Although Apple have not responded to any of the circulating rumours, in a matter of weeks we will find out how accurate these reports are. 


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