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What Products Will Apple Release in 2017?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 04-Jan-2017 09:11:49
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2016 was a bold year for Apple, with the Apple Watch 2, iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro taking centre stage.

This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, so what does the tech giant have in store for us in 2017?


Apple Watch 3

Apple’s second-gen wearable was released in September last year and it was a huge improvement on its predecessor.

Features such as GPS and water resistance were huge pluses. And in late 2017, we could see the Apple Watch 3. Setting up the new wearable as a standalone device could be on the cards this time around.

apple-watchos-3 b60.jpg 

iPad Pro 2

2017 could be a big year for the iPad. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro dropped in late 2015 and its 9.7-inch cousin debuted last year. Many are predicting to see the release of the iPad Pro 2 this year. 3D Touch would be a great place to start.


10th Anniversary iPhone

It’s been a whole decade since the original iPhone was unleashed to the world. 2017 may bring with it a new iPhone. If a new iPhone is released, we’d like to see features such as wireless charging and AR. It could be a very exciting year for Apple fanatics.


Apple Car

Apple unleashed plans to make its own self-driving car last year. The company has finally acknowledged for the first time that it will be investing in autonomous technology in the near future.

Apple has been working on in-car technology for a few years now, in the form of Apple CarPlay, a simplified iOS operating system that runs through a car’s onboard entertainment system when an iPhone is connected. It certainly appears that Apple is working on something monumental.


Standalone Touch Bar Keyboard

The second generation of Touch Bar-equipped products is going to be far more important than the first. It needs more people to have access to it for a start. A standalone wireless keyboard with the Touch Bar built in is a real possibility within the next 12 months.


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