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What Do Employees Want: iOS, Android or Windows?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 19-Apr-2016 10:01:50
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Android_iOS_Windows.pngBusinesses are beginning to give employees a choice over their preferred mobile devices at work. The questions is, what do they want? iOS, Android and Windows devices are certain to make the shortlist and when it comes to enterprise mobility, there appears to be a clear leader.

Enterprise Mobility Management provider JAMF Sotware’s latest report has revealed that Macs and iOS are the choice of 75% and 79% of those surveyed respectively.

Other key findings included the benefits of adopting a BYOD policy. 61% of almost 500 executives surveyed said their organisation has put a BYOD policy in place, with 80% saying it should become a ‘standard’ in business.

Almost three quarters (72%) of the employees surveyed cited that the freedom of choosing their own device enabled them to be more productive in the workplace. In addition, a similar number (73%) claimed it contributed to the well-being of an organisation.

Another interesting aspect of the study’s results were in regards to age preferences. The survey found employees between the age of 18 and 54 overwhelmingly choose Macs, while those who are 55 and over prefer PCs. However, in terms of smartphone devices, iOS again appears to the most popular choice for the enterprise across all ages.

And it’s not just the recent JAMF Software survey that highlights these common enterprise mobility trends. The recent Good Mobility Index Figures revealed that iOS represents two thirds (66%) of activations.

JAMF Software CEO Dean Hager said: “Because Apple builds technology that puts people first, people prefer Apple.  

“When employers combine the freedom of choice with Apple, employees are happier and are empowered to be more productive – offering a huge business advantage.”

Whilst Windows smartphone devices are growing in popularity, iOS and Android devices are certainly the obvious choices for employees. Here at B60, we recommend you develop an enterprise application for both iOS and Android as this covers 95% of the overall market.

It just goes to show, implementing an innovative BYOD policy is one thing, but making sure it suits your employee’s requirements is equally as important.


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