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What do Employees Want in an Enterprise Application?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 21-Jun-2016 08:58:23
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The benefits of implementing an innovative enterprise mobility strategy are clear for all businesses to see. It provides a strong and robust platform which enables organisations to simplify and automate business processes and procedures. The transformation of the traditional workforce into smart mobile employees has begun and workers’ interactivity and productivity continues to increase.  

Organisations worldwide are investing heavily in mobile solutions and mobile applications to empower their employees’ productivity. However, are these enterprise applications being developed to support employees’ key needs? It’s always worth treating your workers like clients and customers in order to boost their responsiveness and efficiency.


Problem Solving Applications  

An enterprise application must solve a problem or make your employees’ lives easier. It’s important you have a keen sense of the biggest challenges your employees face on a day to day basis in order to build an app that allows them to overcome these challenges.

The application should alleviate part of the user’s daily tasks, it should be simple to navigate and use, and it should increase employee productivity.


Working Applications

It sounds straight forward doesn’t it? Organisations need to ensure their enterprise application functions properly and avoids any crashes or bugs. It’s vital to identify which features are used the most and how many users come back to use the app again after using it for the first time.


Applications Which Are Easy to Use

The application User Experience (UX) is key. Employees won’t return to app if the UX is poor, you have to treat them like they’re clients and consumers. If you think of today’s most popular apps, these provides excellent User Experiences and certainly wouldn’t be as popular if they were difficult to use.

Well-designed apps can have a profound impact on how businesses operate. Enterprise applications must be built with the end user in mind and should focus on creating the best experience possible.


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