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September's Apple Event, the most ambitious yet. (7 minute read)

Posted by Fran Geddes on 14-Sep-2017 12:30:00

September 12th saw one of Apple’s most ambitious event yet. With rumours circulating months before the date of the launch, Apple enthusiasts and the average smartphone user alike were desperate to find out what Apple had in store for their tenth anniversary, and they did not disappoint. For example, the outstanding iPhone X which, whilst isolating a major proportion of the public with the not so humble price tag of £999 – the most expensive smartphone to date, represents the future of the smart phone. The Apple Watch Series 3 which can now be purchased with cellular activity, meaning users no longer require their iPhone to receive calls and iMessages, they can simply use their new wearable, and the upgraded Apple TV, which now includes 4K and HDR capabilities.

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What Does the Future Look Like for Mobile Payments?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 26-Jan-2017 09:19:47

Consumers are ready for the future of mobile payments. However, standing in the way of adoption of contactless, tap-to-pay technology are two enormous industry sectors. Retailers and banks will be expected to act quicker over the next 12 months in order to bring this safer and more secure type of payment to their customers.

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5 Mobile App Trends You Need to Know About in 2017

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 08-Dec-2016 10:43:02

Mobile apps have completely transformed our lives. Analyst firm, Gartner, projects that the number of mobile app downloads worldwide is expected to reach close to 268 billion times next year. And yet, this is only the beginning of the mobile app revolution.

Here are five mobile app trends you need to know about in 2017…

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Apple Watch 2: The Best Wearable Yet?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 08-Sep-2016 11:17:08

In addition to the release of the iPhone 7, Apple also unveiled the Apple Watch 2 at its annual event in San Francisco on Wednesday. Whilst the first generation Apple Watch seemed to underwhelm rather than amaze the general public, the second gen wearable is expected to be a bigger success.

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Is the Enterprise Ready for Smart Glasses Technology?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 25-Aug-2016 09:07:14

The adoption of smart glasses technology could hugely benefit the enterprise, according to a survey conducted by the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), in collaboration with Vital Enterprises.

And there are already a vast number of industry sectors which have adopted smart glasses, with aerospace, automotive, life sciences and manufacturing companies utilising the new emerging technology.

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Wearable Technology Plays a Part at Euro 2016

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 14-Jun-2016 08:54:45

Euro 2016 is now well and truly underway in France and the beautiful game is beginning to reap the benefits of wearable technology. These emerging devices are helping teams improve both individual and team performances on the pitch, in addition to the match day experience for supporters.

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WWDC 2016: Apple Watch 2 and iOS 10 to be Unveiled?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 31-May-2016 10:05:24

Apple’s annual developer conference WWDC is just around the corner and the tech giant is set to announce a number of new releases. Whilst the event has focused on software in recent years, there is increasing anticipation that Apple will unveil a major hardware product in San Francisco this year. Is the Apple Watch 2 on the horizon?

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Will Virtual Reality be the Next Big Enterprise Mobility Trend?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 05-May-2016 09:02:47

While most people are excited about using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for immersive entertainment and gaming experiences, businesses worldwide are also looking to incorporate VR into their daily operations and processes. There are a number of ways in which organisations can leverage the capabilities of VR which could see this new technology become the next big enterprise mobility trend.

According to analysts at Gartner 6.3 million VR headsets will be sold during 2017 and from a business perspective, adopting VR technologies will show they’re ahead of the curve. Industries such as medicine, education, manufacturing, engineering, real estate and more could all begin implementing this new type of technology. Here are three ways in which businesses could utilise VR…

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Apple Watch 2 Could be Unveiled in June

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 13-Apr-2016 09:21:05

The follow up to last year’s Apple Watch could be unveiled as soon as June. The Apple Watch 2 is expected to be a refreshed version of the wearable device that was released in 2015, however experts have warned a big design change is unlikely.

Apple’s latest gadget is rumoured to be making an appearance at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) in June. A year on from when its predecessor was showcased, it is due a refresh and rumours are beginning to circulate amongst Apple fans.

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Wearable Technology

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 16-Feb-2016 09:26:49

Wearable Technology is still waiting for its big break. There’s no question that wearables will eventually take off, the real question is WHEN will they take off? Wearable tech has the potential to become a potent business tool within the enterprise and in a true Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, wearables need to be considered.

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