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Millennial Disruption: Is It Going to Kill Your Business?

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 13-Sep-2018 07:30:00

Did you think that the Millennial Disruption will not impact your business? Well, think again, because it will and you cannot avoid it.

Somi Arian, founder of Smart Cookie Media states that ‘the Millennial Disruption is not just about the millennial generation, but it also refers to the turn of the century and how advancements in technology disrupted all aspects of business and culture.’

It means that, Millennial Disruption, sooner or later, will have an impact on every business and every customer the business is serving. And if you, as a business owner, try to deny it, you will face great challenge in the near future.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Challenges, Leadership, Millennials