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The First Step For Every Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 15-Mar-2016 09:34:44

Mobility is transforming our lives, whether it’s the way we bank, shop, entertain, travel, learn and work. But is your business ready for the mobile revolution? Consider the following questions:

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Topics: Enterprise Mobility

How to Prevent Your Enterprise App From Being Deleted

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 08-Mar-2016 09:35:35

Almost 80% of enterprise apps are abandoned after first use, according to a study by SAP. So how do organisations ensure there’s widespread adoption of their enterprise applications and therefore, prevent them from being deleted?

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Topics: Enterprise Mobility, UX/UI

Internal vs External Development Teams: What's Best For Your Business?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 03-Mar-2016 10:01:34

Let’s begin with a simple question. What’s best for your business?

A) Choosing an external agency for your app development project

B) Utilising your own development team

As one of the leading enterprise app development companies in the UK, we’re accustomed to working alongside companies that already have large internal development teams.

Many of the companies that B60 works with consider using their own internal teams to develop applications but it isn’t as simple as that. Outsourcing development is certainly an option worth considering.

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4 Ways to Measure the Usage of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 23-Feb-2016 10:11:02

Deeming a mobile application a success can rely heavily on the usage metrics. The adoption and usage of an enterprise application can be a challenge to measure, however individual metrics don’t tell the complete story.

A range of data is needed in order to productively measure the success of an enterprise app and to evaluate your current mobile strategy. There are a number of critical mobile attributes that should be captured and measured to successfully develop usage metrics.

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Topics: Enterprise Mobility

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Wearable Technology

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 16-Feb-2016 09:26:49

Wearable Technology is still waiting for its big break. There’s no question that wearables will eventually take off, the real question is WHEN will they take off? Wearable tech has the potential to become a potent business tool within the enterprise and in a true Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, wearables need to be considered.

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Topics: Healthcare, Enterprise Mobility, Wearable Tech

Will Enterprise Mobility be the Biggest IT Investment This Year?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 04-Feb-2016 09:31:17

It has been revealed that more than 90 percent of IT Decision Makers see enterprise mobility as a huge investment opportunity in 2016. Businesses are being more proactive this year in boosting customer engagement, competitiveness and operational productivity, all through the deployment of an innovative mobile solution.

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Topics: Enterprise Mobility, Predictions

INFOGRAPHIC: 140 Billion Reasons to Develop a Mobile App

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 12-Jan-2016 10:18:47

2015 was a huge year for mobile and enterprise mobility. This infographic dissects the big talking points of mobile app development and reveals why businesses should be looking to develop a mobile app of their own.

So what are these 140 billion reasons? It's simple, the global enterprise mobility market will be worth as much as $140 billion by 2020 so now really is the time for organisations to take of this growing trend. 
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Topics: Infographic, AR and VR, Enterprise Mobility, IoT, Wearable Tech

Why Do Businesses Need a Bring Your Own App (BYOA) Policy?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 01-Dec-2015 09:31:44

Bring your own App (BYOA) is becoming a frequent policy adopted by businesses. Apps are transforming the way we work, play and learn and for employees they can be used to improve productivity on a daily basis.

BYOA is the follow up to the BYOD revolution and this new phenomenon is giving employees the flexibility to use the right tools for the job. Business leaders are always looking to motivate their workforce and BYOA is certainly a path that leads to accomplishing that goal.

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Topics: Enterprise Mobility

Press: 3 Reasons Why Companies Need to Utilise More Mobile Tools

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 26-Nov-2015 09:35:29

Businesses are beginning to realise the importance of an innovative mobile strategy. Mobilising an organisation can prove to be a long and complex procedure, however, with the right strategy, platform and development partner in place, it can turn the most difficult of challenges into a seamless and simple process. So what opportunities do mobile tools offer a business?

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Podcast: 5 Mobile App Security Challenges and Solutions

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 17-Nov-2015 09:17:01

Mobile app security has always been one of the most challenging elements when developing an enterprise mobility solution. The amount of coporate data flowing to a number of connected devices can be a real concern for businesses. 

B60 CEO Chris Williams spoke to Mobile Application Management (MAM) Company Apperian about the state of mobile app security in the enterprise. He shared the top 5 challenges businesses regularly face and revealed some useful tips on how to solve them:

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