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Ideas and Innovation aren't enough: It's the Execution that counts 

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 05-Jul-2017 13:38:42


In an industry like mobile app development, we have many people that approach us with amazing ideas and bountiful enthusiasm. Ideas alone, however, aren’t good enough. This is the day and age where ideas and innovation are an absolute race against time before someone else is nipping at your idea’s feet. You have to be able to produce evidence in order to get the mobile app investment and traction that you will need to successfully launch the product/service.



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App Marketing: Taking a Closer Look at the Game Changers

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 03-Jul-2017 14:23:35

Mobile technology continues to evolve at an astronomical rate and as smartphones become even more advanced, mobile marketers must keep up with brand new strategies.

App marketing has completely changed over the past couple of years but, at its core, is still centred on acquiring new app users and keeping them engaged.

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Age of the Chatbot: Building a More Productive Team

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 22-Jun-2017 14:14:07

Whilst chatbots have become hugely beneficial for personalised customer experiences, these digital assistants are also helping businesses build a more productive team and improve internal communications.

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Four Questions Your Business Must Answer to Avoid Falling into the ‘App Trap’

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 09-May-2017 09:09:44

Businesses and brands are trying to ‘appify’ and digitise their services and products in order to differentiate their offering from competitors. A number of these companies are falling into the ‘app trap’, developing applications for the sake of it and not considering what their users and customers actually want.

If you find yourself at a crossroads as to whether or not you should digitise your product or service, make sure you ask yourself the following four questions:

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The 6 Worst App Ideas We've Ever Heard

Posted by Alex Mills-Baker on 21-Apr-2017 15:24:28

Top Tip - Sign an NDA before pitching your idea to us. It stands for Non-Disgracing Agreement as well as Non-Disclosure Agreement

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5 Questions You Must Answer Before Developing a Mobile App

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 24-Oct-2016 14:31:15

Both large enterprises and small businesses are recognising the need for a mobile app. Applications are now being incorporated within business strategies, making their companies far more accessible to their consumers.

However, there are a number of tough questions that must be answered prior to a business developing and deploying a mobile app. Here are five things you should ask yourself before getting started…

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Four Steps to Building a Brilliant Business Case for Your Mobile App

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 27-Sep-2016 08:58:34

We have now moved well beyond mass adoption of mobile technology. If your organisation still hasn’t developed a robust and scalable mobile strategy, you are certainly going to suffer in the long term. Building a business case for your mobile app is an essential part of the overall development project.

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Four Must-Haves for Your Mobile App Development Project

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 02-Aug-2016 09:34:20

The demand for mobile applications from both customers and employees continues to grow. Despite the fact that mobile has become high priority for organisations worldwide, many are still under-prepared for a successful app development project.

Designing, developing and implementing a robust and scalable mobile application requires fundamental skills and strategic steps. We’ve listed four must-haves when it comes to launching your own application.

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Topics: UX/UI, App Development

6 Things You MUST Do When Developing a Mobile Roadmap

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 28-Jul-2016 09:31:56

You cannot afford to look at your mobile initiatives in a narrow-minded manner anymore. In recent years there has been a dramatic shift, with more organisations seeking a comprehensive strategy and a more robust and scalable mobile roadmap.

These are just 6 things your business must do when developing a mobile roadmap...

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Why is Agile Perfect For Mobile App Development?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 09-Jun-2016 09:02:35

When developing mobile apps, speed and agility are critical. As the world continues to shift from desktop to mobile, agile is finally coming of age. So why is agile perfect for mobile app development?

An agile approach enables enterprises to build quality into every individual increment of a mobile app. Enterprise mobility is growing at an exponential rate, therefore businesses must be able to move fast with projects whilst enhancing quality, efficiency and speed to market.

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