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Three Ways to Increase Your Mobile App Reviews

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 06-Mar-2017 13:57:02
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three ways to increase your mobile app reviews.pngAre reviews really a contributing factor to the overall success of your mobile app? The short answer is yes, they’re a huge part of a consumer’s online research efforts and users do often decide whether to download an app based on the positive or negative responses it has received in the app stores.

The opinion of others can directly affect your business and these app reviews are more important to the success of your mobile app than you may have first imagined. Here are some stats, just for starters:


  • 70 percent of people trust local businesses more as a result of positive online reviews
  • 80 percent of consumers have changed their minds about a purchase based solely on the negative reviews they read
  • 88 percent said they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • 57 percent of consumers visit a local business website after reading online reviews, and another 15 percent call the business


Gaining more traction in regards to app reviews will also improve your ASO (App Store Optimisation) and visibility in the various app stores. Users are unforgiving and will download the first app that appears in their search results.

Having no reviews at all is even more negative than receiving criticism of your app. Users simply won’t download an app which hasn’t received any reviews or ratings.

Even if users absolutely adore your app, they’re not going to be in a rush to leave a review. They won’t return to your app’s page in the app store without a bit of a nudge. Here are three ways you can increase your mobile app reviews…


Encourage User Feedback

Great customer service is key to the success of your app. Not all users are going to be happy, which is why allowing them to send feedback within the app is crucial. Use this as a two-way communication to improve your app.

It’s worthwhile sending push notifications or in-app messages asking the user to rate or review the app, but don’t bombard them every single day. As a result, bad reviews are minimised and your customers will hopefully leave positive reviews.


Try Gamification

Enticing your users to leave a review through gamification is a great way to boost your review figures. Create a game around leaving a review or even offer a discount or prize for those that do.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store do have rules surrounding contests. However, offering some kind of incentive will certainly see more users leave reviews for your app.


Be Social

Integrating all of your social media channels with your app will enable you to ask your fans or followers to use and review it. It’s a good idea to leverage social media to increase app downloads, and simultaneously, increase reviews.

You could even ask your social media users to rate and review your app during the beta stage, this way your app will already have reviews before the full version is even launched!


The most important element for receiving a high proportion of positive reviews is simply creating a great app. Make sure it provides value to its users and the reviews will come.


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