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Press: Prepare for These 2016 Mobile App Predictions

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 21-Dec-2015 09:07:46
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Mobile applications have become a predominant part of our everyday lives. There’s no doubting that 2015 has been a massive year for mobile. Users are starting to demand more from their mobile experiences with mobile apps and websites, and much of 2016 will be about creating more personal engagement with consumers.

2016 will be a huge year for mobile applications. Google is paving the way for apps by making changes to its algorithms and punishing websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Apps are certainly on the rise and businesses need to understand that they must adapt to this new technology or risk playing catch-up with competitors.So what exactly should we expect to see in the mobile app arena within the next 12 months?

Find out what our mobile app predictions are for 2016 by reading the full article on TechCo here.


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