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Press: A Day in the Life of a UX Designer

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 18-Feb-2016 12:06:26
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Have you ever wondered what being a UX and Graphic Designer is like? Spend a day with B60's Sam Coney as he talks us through the tasks and challenges he has to overcome as a UX Designer for an enterprise app development company.

"We make sure that my daily workload is planned via prioritisation. Any particular conceptual or kick­off work, I prefer to do in the mornings. This can vary from a series of concept screens, an MVP model on UXPin or Balsamiq. Or, this can be generating interactive wireframes, or producing a research package for a new prospect. During this time I make 3­-4 coffees… It’s a problem really."


Read the full article here and find out what it takes to be a UX Designer!

Topics: Press, UX/UI