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Pokémon Go Success Shows the Future is Bright for Augmented Reality

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 26-Jul-2016 09:15:21
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If you haven’t heard about the viral sensation that is Pokémon Go by now, where have you been? Within just a couple of weeks, the application has now acquired over 20 million active users and has surpassed Twitter in its number of daily users.

The success of Pokémon Go shows the future is bright for Augmented Reality (AR). The technology isn’t new, far from it in fact. But this addictive application which has captured the imagination of children and adults alike has driven AR to the forefront of the technology landscape. Are we finally about to see Augmented Reality take off?

It’s been three years since Google Glass fell short of all expectations. And whilst Pokémon Go has also had its critics, there’s no denying it has quickly become a cultural phenomenon and succeeded where Google failed miserably.

And the opportunities for AR are there for all to see. Whether its museums or retailers, this technology is beginning to pick up the pace. AR has been widely adopted by sectors such as the car industry, with the likes of Audi allowing users to preview cars with AR apps. However, Pokémon Go has turned it into an everyday thing.

Its overall success validates our continued investment in progressive technologies to engage and entertain customers. It should be viewed as an important breakthrough and one which will have a huge impact upon advertising and immersive marketing.

For example, Pokémon Go includes locations called ‘Pokéstops’ (where users can stock up on accessories and tools needed in-game). These virtual places are paired with real-world landmarks, from parks to restaurants. So if your store is lucky enough to become a ‘Pokéstop’, foot traffic is likely to increase.

While the technology still has a long way to go before becoming mainstream, Pokémon go shows it might not be too long until the inevitable finally happens. Organisations worldwide must monitor the developments of AR technology, so that when the time does come they will be ready to capitalise on this emerging piece of tech.


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