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Podcast: 5 Mobile App Security Challenges and Solutions

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 17-Nov-2015 09:17:01
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Mobile app security has always been one of the most challenging elements when developing an enterprise mobility solution. The amount of coporate data flowing to a number of connected devices can be a real concern for businesses. 

B60 CEO Chris Williams spoke to Mobile Application Management (MAM) Company Apperian about the state of mobile app security in the enterprise. He shared the top 5 challenges businesses regularly face and revealed some useful tips on how to solve them:

  • Multiple devices and BYOD
  • Unsecure networks
  • Lost or stolen devices
  • Bring Your Own Apps
  • Other data leaks

To find out how to solve these security challenges, listen to the LiME Podcast featuring Chris here!

Alternatively, you can stream it on SoundCloud below:

Topics: Press, Enterprise Mobility, App Development