7 Key Trends Financial Services Can't Afford to Ignore

Posted by Fran Geddes on 04-Jan-2018 13:36:18

The finance industry was introduced to many influential technologies over the last year with startups and technology agencies driving change. Financial Services (FS) has always had a very traditional way of working and therefore, is often rigid in the products and services they can offer, however, thanks to the latest technologies, customers are expecting a more fluid way of banking and are expecting more from their FS providers. Here are 7 top technologies FS institutions need to know about:

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How To Prepare Your Business for the Technology of 2018

Posted by Fran Geddes on 03-Jan-2018 13:59:29

Technology is becoming more advanced each year. Emerging technologies underpin and support many technology initiatives, like industry 4.0, fintech and the dramatic transformation of retail, by streamlining communications and speeding up operations with a goal to increasing efficiency and reduce long-term cost in the workplace.

Whether it’s their complex infrastructure, a reluctant workforce or simply just a lack of knowledge, implementing the latest technologies is not a straightforward process. It is important for businesses to pay attention to the latest developments in order to prepare yourself for the technologies that will, ultimately, impact your business. Some businesses, however, often struggle to keep up with the latest technology trends.

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Our Prediction for the Most Important Technology of 2018

Posted by Fran Geddes on 21-Dec-2017 09:21:50

For those who regularly read our blog or pay attention to technology developments, you will not have been able to avoid the phrase ‘machine learning’. Machine learning is a subfield of AI which allows machines and computers to operate by themselves.

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Apple's Top 5 Downloaded Apps of 2017

Posted by Fran Geddes on 19-Dec-2017 10:39:25

As 2017 draws to a close, we begin to gain clarity on the most popular trends of the year. Companies begin to assemble lists to document the most popular products and services. Apple is no different. Earlier this month Apple revealed its most downloaded apps of 2017 and whilst some are fairly predictable, some represent movements towards technology trends. Here’s a roundup of the most downloaded tablet and mobile apps of 2017.

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6 Robotic Examples that Represent the Stores of the Future

Posted by Fran Geddes on 14-Dec-2017 12:27:51

Technology has revitalised e-commerce retail, with trading growing by 23% each year. Whilst this is great news, retailers are beginning to struggle attracting customers to their physical stores. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean that online shopping is rivalling the in-store experience. Retailers are beginning to consider how these technologies can be used to increase footfall into their stores.

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6 Technologies that Defined 2017

Posted by Fran Geddes on 12-Dec-2017 09:19:25

2017 was a huge year for technology. Whilst 2018 is expected to give us some exciting, new developments, the majority are propped up some of these technology trends. Here are the 6 technologies we feel defined 2017.  

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4 Aspects of Martech Marketing Teams Can't Afford to Ignore

Posted by Fran Geddes on 07-Dec-2017 11:33:27

With the sophisticated technology we have access to nowadays, marketing campaigns have become more competitive and innovative than ever before. Martechs like Artificial Intelligence (AI) offer marketing and communications insights and intelligent suggestions on how to best target their customers. Therefore, boring, old marketing techniques will no longer capture the attention of your customer base. Here are four technologies all marketing teams should use to stand out amongst their competitors.

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Topics: AR and VR, AI, Digital Transformation

What is Bitcoin?

Posted by Fran Geddes on 05-Dec-2017 10:19:02

Bitcoin is one of the hottest topics in technology, finance and general news channels, right now. The current value of the currency has attracted users across the globe, hoping to make thousands, even millions, by investing at just the right time.

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We're Hiring...

Posted by Fran Geddes on 30-Nov-2017 15:01:17

2017 has been an amazing year for technology. Developments are moving quicker than ever before, meaning business innovation is apparent within all industries. Brands and enterprises are beginning to consider what role technology play in their business strategy, therefore, the need for information and advice is needed more than ever. 

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How VR and AR will Change Training Methods for Good

Posted by Fran Geddes on 30-Nov-2017 10:42:56

The best type of training is hands-on. On-the-job training offers new employees to truly understand their role and confidently learn how to fulfil it. However, some industries and job roles are far too dangerous or high-risk to enable new employees to learn in a hands-on way. Instead, we revert to more conventional methods like training manuals or PowerPoints, but these are dull and unengaging. What if the was a way to engage your employees whilst learning in the most effective way without any risk? Enter AR and VR.

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Topics: AR and VR, Disruption and Change, Emerging Technology