Our First Look at Commercial Automation... 

Posted by Fran Geddes on 30-Jan-2018 13:05:08

Last week, we got our first glimpse of one of the autonomous vehicles set to be introduced later this year. Dubbed ‘the Tesla of the Canals’, Port Liner’s barges can carry 24 containers weighing up to 425 tonnes from ports in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

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Topics: artificial intelligence, automation

It's finally here... the HomePod

Posted by Fran Geddes on 25-Jan-2018 12:12:33

It is finally here. On the 23rd of January, Apple announced the release date for the HomePod, around 8 months after its original debut. For Apple users, those who missed out on a Christmas smart speaker, or just avid Apple fans, this might be great news, but it is hard to get too excited about a fairly old concept within technology.

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Can Technology Transform Education?

Posted by Fran Geddes on 23-Jan-2018 11:45:18

In the first 10 months of 2017, $8.15 billion was invested in edtech companies. And according to Global Report, EdTech spending is expected to rise to $252bn by 2020. Whilst some may be sceptical of introducing technology into education, the opportunities and improvements it could bring to education are at least something to trial. 75% of teachers find their workload unmanageable, therefore edtech could provide some much-needed relief - assisting teachers, NOT replacing them.

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Topics: AR and VR, Disruption and Change, AI, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology, artificial intelligence

Open Banking: How will this Impact the Future of Finance?

Posted by Fran Geddes on 18-Jan-2018 11:07:57

Competition within banking is almost non-existent. Limited incentives to switch discourage customers from embarking on the journey to a new bank account, but this is all about to change.

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Topics: Finance, Digital Transformation

AR: Bridging the Gap Between the Digital and Real World

Posted by Fran Geddes on 16-Jan-2018 10:49:16

In today’s digital age, it is vital for retailers to have an online presence. The increasing capabilities of our phones and tablets are broadening the usage of our smart devices, meaning that e-commerce is becoming more and more popular. Customers are no longer restricted to a computer screen at certain points within the day, instead, shoppers are on-the-go purchasing products anywhere, at any time they wish.

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Topics: AR and VR, Digital Transformation, retail

What The CES 2018 Conference Taught Us About Smart Homes

Posted by Fran Geddes on 11-Jan-2018 14:32:05

Smart devices have already begun to take over our homes. With incentives of cost-effectiveness, improvements in efficiency and a greener lifestyle, it’s easy to see why. This week at CES, one of the largest consumer technology trade shows in the world, many major tech companies showcased their smart home products, giving us a hopeful insight into our future lifestyles. Here’s the emerging technologies we can expect in our future homes…

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Topics: General Tech News, Emerging Technology, artificial intelligence

When Will We See Truly Intelligent Transport?

Posted by Fran Geddes on 09-Jan-2018 09:33:06

Living in the UK, especially within built-up areas - like cities, means you have a wide range of transport methods available to you. The transport industry has always been fairly innovative when it comes to onboarding new technologies, aiming to make the public transport experience as quick, easy and painless as possible for example, the introduction of the Oyster Card. But, with the UK roads being amongst the most congested in Europe, we have a way to go until we are truly using intelligent transport.

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Topics: AI, Digital Transformation, Emerging Technology, travel, artificial intelligence, transport

7 Key Trends Financial Services Can't Afford to Ignore

Posted by Fran Geddes on 04-Jan-2018 13:36:18

The finance industry was introduced to many influential technologies over the last year with startups and technology agencies driving change. Financial Services (FS) has always had a very traditional way of working and therefore, is often rigid in the products and services they can offer, however, thanks to the latest technologies, customers are expecting a more fluid way of banking and are expecting more from their FS providers. Here are 7 top technologies FS institutions need to know about:

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Topics: Disruption and Change, Finance

How To Prepare Your Business for the Technology of 2018

Posted by Fran Geddes on 03-Jan-2018 13:59:29

Technology is becoming more advanced each year. Emerging technologies underpin and support many technology initiatives, like industry 4.0, fintech and the dramatic transformation of retail, by streamlining communications and speeding up operations with a goal to increasing efficiency and reduce long-term cost in the workplace.

Whether it’s their complex infrastructure, a reluctant workforce or simply just a lack of knowledge, implementing the latest technologies is not a straightforward process. It is important for businesses to pay attention to the latest developments in order to prepare yourself for the technologies that will, ultimately, impact your business. Some businesses, however, often struggle to keep up with the latest technology trends.

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Topics: Disruption and Change

Our Prediction for the Most Important Technology of 2018

Posted by Fran Geddes on 21-Dec-2017 09:21:50

For those who regularly read our blog or pay attention to technology developments, you will not have been able to avoid the phrase ‘machine learning’. Machine learning is a subfield of AI which allows machines and computers to operate by themselves.

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