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The Big Fat Mobile Review of the Year!

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 15-Dec-2015 09:36:56
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At the beginning of 2015, B60 made some bold mobile predictions for the year ahead. The time has come to review those predictions and to find out whether we were bang or on way off the mark!

Let’s take a look at the first of those 5 predictions…

1. App Downloads Will Surpass Facebook Friend and Twitter Followers for Most Brands

This has certainly been the case for some of the bigger brands. 2015 has seen mobile app downloads surpass social media followers and it shows that brands and businesses must invest time and resource into their mobile strategy.


 2. Real Time Will Become A Major Goal

This continues to be essential for customers with 2015 being no different. Over these past 12 months, there has been a huge surge in businesses seeking to ensure their customers and staff have access to real time information. The proliferation of mobile means that consumers demand this, but also this means that businesses are able to ensure their workers can perform better and be more efficient, whilst also providing much higher levels of services.


 3. Wearable Tech Will Become More Mainstream

The Apple Watch’s release back in April this year certainly threw wearables into the consumer market limelight. 2015 has seen wearable tech become more mainstream and whilst consumer adoption isn’t incredibly high, it now has the potential to become even more consumer-focused in 2016.


4. Beyond Wearables, Mobile Tech Will Revolutionise Health Monitoring

This hasn’t quite taken off as of yet but it’s only a matter of time before it does. Mobile tech is revolutionising health monitoring but it will certainly be on a bigger scale in 2016. Smart phones and tablets are altering how care is delivered and received and will become a valuable tool in the health industry.


5. Content Will Be More Important Than Ever

Content has always been important for mobile but 2015 has seen it become more important than ever. 2014 saw native ads become ever-present on our smartphone and tablet devices but 2015 has been a lot more relevant to the audience. More and more content has been created for consumers to consume and it is all personal. It will continue to be key as mobile moves forward in 2016.


Overall Verdict: We did a pretty good job overall and were pretty accurate with a number of our predictions earlier this year. Stay tuned for our 2016 mobile predictions…



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