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Mobile Augmented Reality Growth Set to Surge

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 24-May-2016 09:15:05
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Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) technology is constantly evolving. AR applications are set to surge in the coming years and new research conducted by MarketsandMarkets estimates augmented reality for mobile devices could be a nearly $80 billion industry by 2022.

The continued penetration of smartphones and tablet devices will be a huge contributing factor to the growth of AR. Organisations, along with Mobile Application Developers, are beginning to see and utilise AR technology’s full potential.

AR builds better experiences for consumers and smartphones will be the most integral piece of equipment in driving growth for mobile augmented reality.

In terms of the industries driving mobile augmented reality and bringing it into the mainstream, there a number of different sectors making significant contributions. Education, e-retail and hospitals are just three industry sectors in which AR has the potential to transform and boost efficiencies and consumer experiences.

In addition, the tourism industry is beginning to utilise AR technology, providing digital overlays of historic sites and other attractions which travellers might encounter around the globe.

Over the course of the next few years, much attention will be paid to the AR hardware that ships. There isn’t a clear market leader in terms of AR platforms but all the usual suspects are in the mix.

Creating an ecosystem where developers can build and sustain useful apps will be key. And AR is set to break out of the consumer space and into the enterprise.

So why do you need to adopt and maximize AR in your business? There are various benefits that augmented reality can offer your organisation:


  • Help show workers that the business is able to evolve with technological launches by adopting new strategies
  • Engaging content is presented to the target market, which results in higher sales and reach
  • Ability to go viral and compete with engaging marketing content of competitors
  • Step-by-step instructions and guidelines are presented more accurately via an augmented video to be shown on the mobile device screen
  • Provide high-tech and effective trainings to employees via AR or VR wearable devices

With the continuous adoption of augmented reality, some industries are using the technology to enhance their mobile processes. AR is certainly a technology your business should be keeping an eye on in the coming years.


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