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Making iDEA's Reality

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 25-Feb-2015 09:31:00
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Making iDEA's Reality

“Got an idea? Make it real.” The iDEA competition, which seeks to help thousands of young digitally-driven entrepreneurs, saw its remaining 20 teams meet for iDEA Live at Telefonica Tech in London last week. The event, which was launched by HRH The Duke of York and Nominet Trust, aims to directly support young people to establish successful digital businesses and develop critical digital and enterprise skills along the way. It’s an event that B60 CEO Chris Williams is fully behind.

Chris was invited down to London on Thursday February 12 to be a mentor for the annual competition, along with other digital entrepreneurs from all over the country. The 6-week Live stage of the iDEA competition will see teams of 2-4 young digital enthusiasts work together on their own digital enterprise, with help from their assigned mentors. These finalists will all be given a financial prize each to turn their prototypes into a minimum viable product.

The digital market is already a crowded place, so it is refreshing to see such an initiative and supportive event such as this. Giving 14-25 year olds the freedom to express their digital prowess

iDEA Chris Williamsand business nous in a competition that will only help and develop their experience in the digital world is certainly a step in the right direction. B60’s Chris, along with other digital entrepreneurs are supportive of the highly regarded competition.

And Chris drew upon his vast experience in the digital industry on the day as he tweeted: “My top tip for making the most of your time with mentors is clarity. Be clear on your goals and where we can help.”

He will be hoping to guide his team into the final of the 2015 competition in which the 10 finalists will pitch their business to an expert panel of judges. Further financial support will be awarded to the three winning entrepreneurial teams to develop their business further through a partner accelerator programme.

Over the next few years, iDEA aims to support over 1,000,000 young people to develop and grow into digital business gurus, mirroring their team mentors’ successes. However, the iDEA competition isn’t the only part of the iDEA scheme as it is delivered in two parts. Skills Badges allows young people to access industry-endorsed digital open badges that reward a range of digital, enterprise and entrepreneurial skills and competencies.

Making an idea a reality is a challenge in the business world but the iDEA competition has breathed life into young aspiring digital entrepreneurs determined to make a mark in the digital age of the 21st century.

For more information about the competition and iDEA visit - https://www.onemillionyoungideas.org.uk/

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