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Lessons From a 9 Year Old

Posted by Chris Williams on 15-Aug-2018 07:30:00
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A little blog from B60 CEO Chris Williams about very valuable life lesson his son has taught him. 



0This is Zack..

He’s 9 years old and taught me a huge lesson about the importance of empathy, compassion, morals and the true value of team work. 

He understands that to be a leader you have to show empathy and compassion. Listen and support your team mates, learn from failure and don’t be afraid of failure. 


In business, we often loose sight of the importance of learning from failure. We focus to much on blame when things go wrong and we can easily demotivate teams and breed poor cultures. 

Instead we should focus on learning. Supporting our colleagues and learning from our failures. We win together, we fail together. 
Zack had his sports day yesterday. He didn’t win a race. I observed him and his friends support each other, show compassion, empathy and above all stick together as a tight unit and not for one moment loose the passion and belief in what they set out to do - enjoy his sports day and do his best. When things didn’t go well, they stuck together. Sure they wanted to win. But the prize they wanted the most was not a sticker or a trophy.... it was to be part of something they believed in.

I’m proud of Zack. He’s my son. (The eldest of three). I learn from him all the time. I'm very fortunate. Yesterday he taught me to be a better leader.




The moral of this little blog?

  • You don’t know it all
  • Your age and time in business doesn’t make you smarter or better than anyone younger 
  • Invest in your team culture
  • Learn from failure and don’t be afraid to fail
  • Don’t play the blame game - play the learning game 



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