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Is the Enterprise Ready for Smart Glasses Technology?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 25-Aug-2016 09:07:14
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The adoption of smart glasses technology could hugely benefit the enterprise, according to a survey conducted by the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance (AREA), in collaboration with Vital Enterprises.

And there are already a vast number of industry sectors which have adopted smart glasses, with aerospace, automotive, life sciences and manufacturing companies utilising the new emerging technology.

The recent survey has revealed that the adoption of this technology is steadily building, with 42% of the enterprises surveyed stating that they will adopt the smart glasses technology within the year. In addition, another 38% of companies stated they would consider adopting the technology within the next 2-3 years.


Why adopt the technology?

Increasing productivity is critical for any organisation, and 45% of the respondents stated this as the reason for adopting the technology. 31% also said that they would adopt smart glasses to reduce errors made by their employees.

Mark Sage, executive director of the Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance, said: "Augmented Reality will offer many competitive advantages for enterprises, and, as smart glasses provide hands-free experiences, they are a popular delivery option.  

"The findings of this survey demonstrate that participants understand how smart glasses delivery of Augmented Reality experiences can provide measurable and sustained value."


Are businesses ready for smart glasses?

So is the enterprise finally ready to adopt this breakthrough technology? Smart glasses may not have been a huge hit amongst consumers, but the opportunities they possess for organisations worldwide are phenomenal.

The technology is already redefining the way in which many employees work and leveraging the built-in hardware found in most smart glasses will significantly aid workers.

Whether it’s hands-free access to manuals, video collaboration tools or data capture software, the technology is ready and waiting for industries to adopt, utilise and benefit from immensely.


The future of Wearables

Just as mobile phones proliferated across enterprises and ultimately spurred the mobile revolution, wearables such as smart glasses are likely to follow a similar trajectory.

Ash Eldritch, co-founder and chief science officer of Vital Enterprises said: "Organisations are planning to implement smart glasses technology to deliver AR for enhanced productivity and increased compliance.

"Smart glasses can enhance activities that require collaboration, detailed instructions, regulated procedures and quality assurance. As the survey reflects, enterprise interest in and adoption of smart glasses is growing as more companies understand that smart glasses functionality makes business processes faster, safer and higher quality."


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