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INFOGRAPHIC: Riding the Enterprise Mobility Wave

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 28-Jul-2015 10:07:00
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The Enterprise Mobility Wave is coming. Has your business harnessed the power of mobile or is it heading for a wipeout? This graphic will show you how enterprise mobility is changing the way enterprises operate and how the distribution of mobile will open up unlimited opportunities within your organisation...

71% of enterprises are now deploying mobile apps as the need to develop a mobile strategy is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Enterprise apps are no longer "nice to have" options, they're critical assets to any business.

Developing and deploying an effective mobile strategy will help companies embrace new ways of working in order to drive change. Enterprise apps boost worker productivity by more than 34%, whilst companies that already deploy enterprise apps are said to have increased sales conversion rates by 26%.

In summary, mobile has proven to be the biggest disruptive force in the last decade. Enterprises spread across a diverse number of industry sectors are embracing mobility like never before. It's time for your business to ride the Enterprise Mobility wave! 


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