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INFOGRAPHIC: Executive Enterprise Mobility Report

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 03-Nov-2015 09:52:35
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B60 partners and Mobile Application Management experts Apperian recently conducted an Executive Enterprise Mobility Report and there were some interesting findings.  The following infographic shows just how important mobile now is for businesses and how enterprise mobility is speeding up business processes and bringing in new revenue. 

As seen on the infographic, 67% of the report's respondents cited improved business processes as a goal for mobility, whilst nearly half (47%) revealed that they are investing in apps that support core business processes. Enterprise Mobility is driving change for businesses and it's clear to see that an innovative mobile strategy has the potential to improve productivity across an entire organisation.

The report also uncovered the types of mobile apps with the greatest impact on productivity and ROI. 

It stated: "Productivity apps, including note taking and access to documents, rated highest. People need access to important information on the go, including documents and spreadsheets so they can make quick decisions and eliminate delays.

"The need for productivity apps is universal, so it is not surprising that such apps rank first. After all, they are relevant no matter what industry you are in or what job you are doing. Custom-built apps are specific to a particular industry and may have a greater impact, but not all companies have such apps yet.

Field service, including maintenance and parts delivery, ranked second. Once a priority for only executives, mobile access is being extended to workforce populations that have the biggest potential for cost saving and productivity increases. Companies have seen tremendous productivity improvements by giving those in remote locations the ability to capture and access data."

The report also provided the following recommendations for enterprise mobility programs:

  1. ŒFocus first on core business processes when developing apps
  2. Business processes are best supported with internally developed apps Ž
  3. Invest in technology to manage the apps 
  4. Successful app development is equal parts marketing and development 
  5. Think of your users as customers
  6. ‘Invest in analytics

You can download the full report here.

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