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INFOGRAPHIC: 140 Billion Reasons to Develop a Mobile App

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 12-Jan-2016 10:18:47
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140_billion_reasons.png2015 was a huge year for mobile and enterprise mobility. This infographic dissects the big talking points of mobile app development and reveals why businesses should be looking to develop a mobile app of their own.

So what are these 140 billion reasons? It's simple, the global enterprise mobility market will be worth as much as $140 billion by 2020 so now really is the time for organisations to take of this growing trend. What does the future hold for enterprise mobility? This year could be huge for wearables being fully utilised in the enterprise. 54% of businesses already have Bring Your Own Wearable (BYOW) policies in place, whilst 40% of companies are planning to have a BYOW policy in the near future.

And it could also be a big year for Internet of Things (IoT). It has been revealed that 75% of decision makers indicated that their companies are exploring or adopting some form of IoT solution. By 2019, the enterprise sector is expected to account for 39% of the roughly 23 billion active IoT devices.




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