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Implementing Immersive Technologies: On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 20-Jun-2017 08:52:19
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Immersive technologies are driving digital transformation and bringing an unquestionable amount of benefits to businesses. From scalability to greater efficiency, this emerging tech is creating an enhanced user experience for both customers and employees. And whilst some of these immersive technologies are still a few years away from mainstream adoption, organisations must be on their toes to take full advantage when these unique opportunities finally come to fruition.

When looking at specific immersive technologies, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) both appear to be popular across an array of industry sectors at the minute. These mixed reality technologies are completely transforming user experiences into a more continuous and contextual event.

Immersive tech is redefining the way in which individuals interact with one another and with intelligent devices. The potential cost and time savings of these technologies is being recognised and by staying informed of developments in this rapidly evolving field, it’ll pave the way for business leaders to capitalise quickly.


How to Implement Immersive Technology


Plan: It’s crucial to research immersive technologies and the companies which provide these solutions. This way you can easily determine what will work for your organisation and whether you need to collaborate with immersive developers moving forwards.


Identify: Recognise where these immersive technologies, in particular AR and VR, can help open up opportunities and solve company challenges. It’s important to identify how these technologies improve processes across the organisation.


Design: Focus on use cases and how this technology is going to be utilised to enhance the user experience. This will enable you to design experiences that match business data to immersive worlds.


Analyse: Utilise analytics to determine what produces the best UX and how these immersive technologies are driving a healthy ROI.


On Your marks, Get Set, Go!

Whilst most enterprises are still years away from adopting these immersive technologies, it’s still crucial to prepare and begin engaging with AR/VR vendors to keep abreast of what’s commercially available and viable.

Start considering the requirements of potential immersive initiatives and how they can add value to existing products and enhance the user experience faster and at less expense. 


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