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How Will IoT Drive Brand Engagement?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 31-Aug-2016 09:07:01
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Marketers know the importance of connecting mobile and digital, thus leading to increased brand engagement. According to a new study from Forrester Research called “The Internet of Things Redefines Brand Engagement", it’s vital for brands to understand how the powerful connection of mobile and the IoT will drive brand engagement.

According to the study, only 14% of consumers monitor or control home appliances with a smartphone or tablet. In contrast, a third of online adults plan to use some type of IoT device at home, in the car, or as a wearable this year.

Engagement is at the heart of IoT. Brands have a variety of new tools and methods by which they can connect with and deliver value to the consumer, and to create a lifestyle around interacting with their brand and the environment around consumers.

In addition, the study has revealed that the IoT will bring new opportunities and capabilities for brands and marketers. These include:


- Listening to customers to analyse real behaviours 

- Building new business models and offerings

- Creating intimate and continual interactions with consumers

- Differentiating customer experiences


So how can your brand leverage these new opportunities and capabilities which the IoT has presented?



The retail sector must start experimenting with new digital technologies. These include the likes of Virtual Reality (VR), wearables and iBeacons. Brands in the retail space have a huge opportunity to leverage these technologies and engage with consumers at the point of sale and beyond.



Brands in the automotive industry have the opportunity to offer smartphone-enabled auto app accessories which will allow consumers to retrofit older cars with connected-car features. By doing this, automotive brands will have more access to consumers via their vehicles.


Health and Fitness

Brands which focus on health, fitness or sport should look to leverage increased consumer interest in wearables. It’s a good idea to develop engagement strategies for acquiring more personal data and driving consumer behaviours towards wellness initiatives.


Consumers are certainly going to benefit from these new brand opportunities. It means that they can get more value from the companies they do business with. Brands need to branch out and become better connected to their consumers and their individual needs.


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