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How to Perfect your M-Commerce Strategy 

Posted by Fran Geddes on 08-Feb-2018 09:30:00
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Having an online presence in today’s digital age means far more than accommodating to desktop users nowadays. As smartphones capabilities increase, users are relying on their devices to perform more complex tasks.


As of 2018, m-commerce accounts for more than 31% of total sales, having a robust m-commerce strategy is vital to retailers who want to succeed in today’s tough retail environment. Here are four steps to take to perfect your m-commerce strategy:


Optimise for Mobile

mobile optimisation

Technologies are rapidly evolving the digital experience, however, so retailers digital strategy does not accommodate mobile enough. Most websites are not optimised for mobile users and many apps are not connected to the wider retail experience, meaning the m-commerce experience is usually incredibly frustrating.


Websites are often resized to accommodate mobile users, but sites are still overly complicated for the mobile screen. Resizing you e-commerce experience for a smaller mobile screen can give pretty poor results. Creating mobile-specific shopping experiences and ensuring you are offering your customers a seamless mobile experience is a crucial part of developing a mobile strategy.


Take advantage of device functionality by introducing mobile-specific features. A smart device’s capabilities are ever-increasing allow your m-commerce to reflect this. One-page checkouts and mobile payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Wallet have simplified the m-commerce experience making mobile shopping quick and easy as ever.


Utilise Context-Aware Functionality 


Businesses can now use mobile-based platforms to learn more about their customers and interact irrespectively of this. This features can contribute to a well-rounded customer experience. Awareness of your customer’s whereabouts means brands can send location-specific messaging. This integrates the mobile experience with physical stores.


Beacons and proximity services can utilise your customers' location to encourage conversion. For example, when near a store, users could be sent relevant offers or promotions to encourage them to enter the store and, ultimately, make a purchase. Introduce mobile-specific features like a scannable card reader to improve your mobile services. Customers opt for the mobile experience because it is highly accessible, so give it to them.  


Reflect Latest Technology Trends

ai customer service.jpeg

Your M-Commerce strategy needs to reflect the current trends in technology as well as the functionality of smart devices. Follow the latest digital trends to understand how your business can use the latest technologies.


A successful retail business is about far more than the in-store experience. Emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are beginning to liken the digital experience to the physical one. For example, users can now digitally try on products.


Apps like Ikea, Wayfair and Sephora are demonstrating how AR can be used to lower return rates using a feature which allows customers to try out products before they purchase them. Customers can virtually place a piece of furniture in their room or virtually try on clothes to see how it fits, allowing for more managed expectations.


AR also presents many opportunities for retailers who wish to improve customer engagement. Align your AR experiences with current or future campaigns. Create photo filters to encourage customers to pose with your brand elements and share with their social media circle.


Artificial Intelligence can provide insightful suggestions on how to deliver a more focused and personalised digital customer service. AI can analyse masses of data, far quicker than any human could, and can use these discoveries to suggest products to users, target them with personalised offers and discounts and offer them a far more engaging and enjoyable customer experience.


These technologies, along with proximity services and beacons, can create a well-rounded customer experience. The high street isn’t dead and encouraging your customers to engage with your mobile and digital platforms will actually support the survival.


Track Metrics

Propel.pngTechnologies like artificial intelligence mean it’s becoming easier for businesses to measure the success of their digital platforms. It is important to track the appropriate metrics to understand what elements of your mobile platforms work well and what don’t. AI can offer perceptive insights on how your customers are using your platform and what measures can be introduced to increase engagement using cross-platform tracking.


Propel is B60’s omnichannel marketing analytic software kit for businesses and brands seeking to improve engagement on their digital platforms. Propel offers data-driven engagement on a mass scale. The software consolidates your real-time customer data to provide you with a single customer view and an actionable report. Propel uses emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and iBeacon technology, to target users at crucial moments in their buying journey to improve conversions and drive customer engagement.



Improving your m-commerce strategy will require a certain amount of focused attention. Assessing the user journey from the viewpoint of your customers is vital to understanding what areas of your strategy need improving. Whilst these steps are a great start in improving your mobile experience, technology is always evolving. It is important that both your mobile and digital strategy are reflective of these changes to ensure that you are offering the best m-commerce strategy and keeping ahead of your competitors.


Apps are tailored towards a mobile experience. The design and services can be specific to your customer device and you can easily integrate mobile-specific features to increase the functionality of the platform.

If you’d like to discuss with one of mobile experts on how to improve your m-commerce experience, drop us an email at hello@b60apps.co.uk or alternatively call us on 0121 405 0270.


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