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How to Optimise Your Mobile App For App Stores

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 06-Oct-2016 14:12:29
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Apple launched the App Store for iOS eight years ago. Does anyone remember what life was like before the birth of mobile apps?

Nope, me neither. And almost a decade on, this revolutionary tech continues to transform the way we work, play, learn, bank, shop and go about our everyday lives.

Whilst SEO is one thing, ASO (app store optimisation) is another beast entirely. No matter how well you market your app, you’re still going to be highly dependent on app-store based search. 

The bad news: app store discovery is not easy: on both the App Store and Google Play Store, there are over 4 million apps vying for your attention.

The good news: ASO best practices aren’t yet widespread; chances are, there’s room to gain a significant edge on your competition if you put into play the insights we’ll break down in this whitepaper.

This complete guide to ASO will ensure your business or brand sets up your app’s page the right way within different app stores.


The Technical Backend

Similar to the metadata for your website’s SEO, taking care of your app’s metadata is vitally important. This can be setup prior to launching your app to the public and can help boost your performance from day one.


1. Title

The title is the main and most important piece of metadata you will create for your app. Not only is it the very first thing people will see (along with your app icon), it’s also what will let them know if your app is relevant to their search. As a result, it must be descriptive in some way.

Ideally, you’d be able to fit everything into 25 characters, otherwise you risk getting those little ellipses that will cut off your app’s name.

If you already have an app name in place that isn’t doing a good job, you can always add a slug after the name for some descriptors. This will help in both search and with users identifying the relevance.


Want more app store optimisation tips? Read the guide in full by downloading it here...

Download The Complete Guide to App Store Optimisation (ASO)


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