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How Should Your Business Embrace Mobile?

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 29-Jun-2016 10:01:38
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Large organisations continue to adopt mobile solutions in a haphazard manner, giving little or no thought as to where their existing problems actually lie. The demand for more apps, better apps, at a quicker delivery rate is higher than ever before but it’s vital the overall business case is aligned around mobile. 

Internal IT teams require new mobile solutions to be scalable, robust and secure, with the ability to integrate easily with their existing infrastructure. However, companies still find it difficult to manage the scope, timelines and cost of their ever-growing mobile portfolio.

A recent study conducted by IBM found that two-thirds of mobile application development projects fail to fully achieve budget, schedule and project objectives. And for many businesses, having the right skillset isn’t the problem. Instead, it’s knowing how to fully embrace the world of mobile and how to put the right strategy in place.

CIOs and IT leaders need to be able to deliver high-quality mobile apps quickly and securely, whilst satisfying the demands of their business and their employees.

The idea that ‘there’s an app for that’, may be an enticing proposition, however, this is precisely where businesses go wrong time and time again. Whilst it may be exciting to develop an array of mobile applications, it’s critical for organisations to define a proper business case in order to prioritise projects and measure success.

Simply having a mobile application isn’t enough to guarantee a return on investment. Many businesses believe they know exactly what their employees or customers want and dive straight into the development of that particular mobile solution. But with the ubiquity of mobile apps, it isn’t that straight forward.

Developing and deploying an innovative mobile strategy for your business can be a lengthy process but one that will empower your digital team. It is less about managing mobile devices and more about being an advocate for the business, enabling the organisation to integrate and deliver new and innovative business services more quickly.

By understanding the role mobile can play within your organisation, it will enable a quicker and far simpler implementation along with a smoother deployment process.


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