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Four Ways to Market Mobile Apps to Employees

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 10-Nov-2016 09:06:45
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market mobile apps employees b60.jpgYour enterprise doesn’t have users, it has ‘internal customers’. Marketing your mobile apps to employees should follow a similar strategy as marketing an app to a customer. They should choose to use the app because they want to, not because they have to.

So are you marketing your apps to your current employees? Many organisations believe just telling their employees to use the app is enough and expect them to download and start using it immediately. It isn’t.

Whilst the idea of marketing your enterprise apps to employees may seem odd, it’s likely that you’ve done some internal marketing already.

Once the app has been developed and deployed, it’s important to treat your internal apps like any other product you would market.

You need to do everything in your power to get employees to want to use your apps. As long as your apps have a clean method of distribution, in this case an enterprise app store, then it will contribute to a seamless and well-received process.


State your case

Persuading your employees to adopt a new internal app requires putting forth a compelling vision for what the app is and what it’s going to help achieve.

Demonstrate what it offers and help your employees understand what’s in it for them. Will it increase productivity or speed up the sales process? The best argument for implementing an enterprise app is that it will make your life easier.


Offer training

Some employees might prefer an online training session, whereas others might need a more hands-on approach. It’s important to ask your employees what kind of training they’re most comfortable with.


Get some app advocates

It’s smart to roll out the app to a small group first to get some positive experiences that will encourage other workers to engage the app.

Employees who are confident that a mobile app will make them more effective workers will make a point of using that app. Design the app with their needs in mind, train them how to use it, and then let them do their jobs.


Highlight quick wins

Once more and more employees begin to use the app, draw attention to the positive impact it’s having on your organisation.

This will help build a case for change and will encourage further adoption. It’s a good idea to leverage your company’s marketing department to communicate and disseminate that message.


Internal marketing isn’t anything new or unheard of. Treating and marketing your internal apps like a product will help build long-term success, rather than short-term engagement.

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