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Posted by Alex Mills-Baker on 18-May-2017 09:13:37
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Since the success of Pokemon GO, augmented reality (AR) has been one of the biggest buzzwords around the mobile space. It may all sound a bit Star Trek but AR apps are more than within scope for most organisations at this point and we’re only a couple of years away from this technology being commonplace.

With this in mind I thought I’d have a look at five of the most interesting uses for this emerging technology and examine how the principles applied could be major opportunities for brands in the near future.

Pokemon Go

This wouldn’t be a list about AR without a look at Pokemon Go. It’s certainly not the most business relevant use of this technology we’ll look at but the excitement around it and the massive uptake shows that AR technology has arrived for the mainstream.

Pokemon Go AR B60.jpg

Google Translate

A quite incredible leap forwards for Google’s translation product. I remember just a couple of years ago the amusement that could be found by translating English text into Japanese and then back again. What a far cry this is from the incoherent rubbish that used to come back!

Although still not true natural language conversion the actual conversion software has improved dramatically in recent times and the built in AR translation moves the app on another step.

There probably isn’t too much to learn from here for the average business, who’s going to try and take on Google? However, for any busy business traveller, this app could truly be a God send.

Google-Translate-app ar b60.jpg


You probably haven’t heard of Amikasa but it is a quite incredible piece of kit. In essence it allows you to place items of furniture in a room so you can see how they work with the room before you purchase them. The items are all from name brands which can then be purchased through the app, which to me sounds a lot like the future of homeware e-commerce.

If you’re a homeware provider and aren’t already thinking about launching a competitor or at least getting your products onto Amikasa then you could be missing out on what I’d bet on becoming a critical new channel.

In addition, the technology this app presents shows a huge opportunity for building/construction firms. Imagine the power of being able to show a customer what the extension on their house could look like right when producing the first quote!

amikasa app ar b60.jpeg

Ink Hunter

Can you imagine many more permanent decisions than getting a tattoo? To my mind ranked alongside marriage in terms of permanence, Ink Hunter helps users with the decision by showing them exactly what their tattoo will look like on their body before they get it, imagine an app that predicted how your marriage would work out!

Whilst perhaps not being quite that impressive, Ink Hunter does demonstrate some fantastic qualities which could be very useful for businesses. If your company produces any form of artwork then this kind of technology could be a key point of sale device for bringing it to life for the consumer.

ink-hunter-app-tattoo-preview ar b60.jpg



Are we looking at the first steps towards a digital/physical world? Wikitude is the king of AR browsers and gives you the power to find out more about the world around you simply by pointing your phone or tablet and landmarks and being guided to the Wikipedia article.

Wikitude-Android ar app b60.jpg

I can only see technology like this growing and for any business with a physical presence this advertising channel must be considered. In addition, think about the possibilities for this kind of recognition for training in dangerous environments, for example military practice exercises.

Another intriguing possibility could be for engineers fixing complex systems, recognition of components could save years in training and hence many thousands of pounds. The fundamental ability of recognition and then providing information has endless possibilities to transform the way we all work.


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