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It's not too late - Just get on with it...

Posted by Chris Williams on 25-Apr-2018 08:11:09
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I've hijacked the blog... I need to get something off my chest...

Mobile apps are nothing new, they’ve been around a LONG time… Yet many enterprises are still not using them to facilitate growth in their business and improve efficiencies and are falling way behind. In a recent visit to a client it dawned on me just how many enterprises are STILL so far behind the times when it comes to deploying mobile apps to improve their business.


Our client is far from behind, they’re an innovator and have truly embraced technology. They are in the construction industry and their simple to use enterprise app has transformed their business to the point that other industry sectors within the construction sector, want access to their solution.

Here is a video I did on this topic too!

There are a lot of enterprises however, that have still yet to deploy enterprise apps and therefore massively losing out on opportunity to improve efficiency, increase productivity, improve employee happiness and not least have a competitive advantage.

I decided to take a closer look at some of the enquiries that have come into B60 over the last 6 months. I looked specifically at where enterprises had enquired about  Mobile Application Development and proactively sought to address part of their Digital Transformation programmes by requested a costing on app development for an enterprise app.

We’d had plenty of enquiries and what’s interesting is that many of them are still in the pipeline. Why? Because they are still making a decision and not taking action. When I dug a bit deeper I began to see a trend. The trend was that most of these businesses were blocked on making the decision to take action, not due to budget, but simply down to a chain of people simply not making a decision for plethora of reasons, most of which, in my view, are nonsensical. These are smart people, highly educated, very experienced and totally capable of developing a business case to prove their ‘App’ idea will be good for the business. Yet sadly many ideas sit on the shelf.

Back in 2012 apps were still a bit of a novelty, in 2013 and 2014 the phrase Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Apps really came alive (there were even events dedicated to them), yet here we are in 2018 with a whole raft of new emerging technologies that are disrupting enterprises, yet many are still so far behind in the basics of deploying applications.

Solving the problem is about first identifying the problem, and in most cases its people and politics in large companies that are the inhibitors. In addition to that, many companies are too focused on the day-to-day and the belief that processes and systems don’t need changing because, "things just work". They’re on auto pilot! But therein lies part of the problem, most enterprises don’t realise there are areas of operations that can be massively improved.

If I were a CEO of some of these enterprises, I would mandate technology innovation and reward everyone who brought ideas and prototype solutions to improve processes. I would do it for the following reasons:


  1. Technology will empower our employees
  2. Technology can improve safety
  3. Technology will give us a competitive advantage, securing the future of our company and ensuring we can reward our people better than anyone else
  4. Technology will help us deliver higher value to our clients, ensuring the recieve world class service
  5. Technology will help us innovate, ensuring we stay at the forefront of our industry
  6. Technology will help find new business models, new revenue streams
  7. Technology will help us find efficiencies and drive cost savings


There are lots of reasons I can find, but these are just seven reasons I wrote down quickly.. There will be many more..


In summary, there is still lots of opportunities for enterprises to improve and deploy technology, mobile apps in the workforce is just one area, but its an area many are still yet to truly embrace and transform.


If you’d like to discuss with one of mobile experts on how you could utilising mobile apps in your enterprise, drop us an email at hello@b60apps.co.uk or alternatively call us on 0121 405 0270.


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