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Enterprise Apps Thrive on Speed and Agility

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 03-May-2017 09:20:53
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The importance of an enterprise app is at an all-time high, regardless of your industry. The moment a need is identified, speed and innovation become crucial to the success of an enterprise app.

An iterative approach to enterprise app development will enable your organisation to learn fast and develop an application which meets both the needs of the user and the business.

Businesses need to define their digital landscapes and prioritise opportunities via a mobile roadmap. Creating an innovative and effective mobile strategy relies heavily on technical infrastructure and user experience.

It’s vital to approach a mobile strategy with a clear vision and to ensure the first few steps are taken carefully and in the best interest of your business.


Creative development and innovation

Once the need has been identified, you shouldn’t jump straight into the development phase. The use case must be evident and the app needs to offer the value of service.

Enterprise apps can become potent business tools, helping drive efficiency and productivity within a workforce. The app shouldn’t feel a website, it needs to be visually optimised with instant access to features and tools.


Keep it secure

Security is always high on an organisation’s agenda when it comes to the development of an enterprise app. With customer data, process details and confidential information stored in the app, it’s crucial that the application is secure.

A mobile app with strong authentication, encryption, and secure data management features is always favoured by enterprises.


Be Agile

Agile enables you to launch apps quickly by first developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which acts as a platform on which future iterations can be built.

Once the app is launched, you can think about incrementally developing the user experience based on user feedback. The lifespan of your app is an important element to consider. Agile will provide a framework that will maximise the lifecycle of your app.

By launching a mobile app, you’re introducing new tools, applications and security concerns within your infrastructure. The way in which your business runs, engages with employees and shares information could change completely.


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