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(Digital) Transformation vs Innovation: Which One Is Better?

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 23-Aug-2018 07:30:00

Words ‘Innovation’ and ‘Transformation’ are more often being used interchangeably and synonymously, even in the same sentence or paragraph. And maybe we shouldn’t be surprised as both terms evoke thoughts of modernisation and change, and both are key outcomes of change management concept.

But apart from that, what else do they have in common? Or what’s the difference? What should we do – innovate or maybe transform? How about we do both?


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In order to answer these questions, we should first consider what is innovation and transformation, digital or otherwise.
Innovation VS Transformation
The first one is usually a sudden, unexpected, creative idea that will lead to rethinking, reimagining, and later reinventing the business. Innovation can find its outcomes in plethora of areas ranging from business models, new products and services, customer relationship, and even how investments in technology are made.

It can be said that innovation makes something that once might have seemed impossible - possible. It focuses on rethinking the way of doing things, questioning the possibilities and alternatives, and turning them into action.

For many businesses, Innovation requires encouragement throughout the whole process of innovative thinking and idea sharing, strong collaboration, and most importantly - communication. All these lead to clear steps that must be taken. In other words - it’s the start of something new and most certainly great.

In turn, transformation is usually defined as the result of moving from one given state to another, different or better, and often takes time and resources. Similarly to innovation, transformation aims to produce an improved state of things. But how does it differ? Transformation is what usually happens after the innovation - the implementation process following that first spark of innovative thought.

Especially when deploying Digital Transformation, the clear difference between innovation and transformation can be noted. Digital Transformation is the corporate-led strategy for implementation of technology to improve business and meet the ever- changing needs and demands of the consumer. It results in a new reality, which will remain valid until the time for next change is sparked by innovation. Innovation is one of the drivers of Digital Transformation and in most cases, precedes the change process.

Innovating for Improvement 

The successful exploitation of new ideas can be crucial when organisation wants to improve its processes, bring new, improved products or services to market, increase its efficiency and, most importantly, improve its profitability.

Looking at the example of Apple – company which, perhaps to most people is a definition of innovation in the business, it comes as no surprise that innovative thinking and the right implementation of the ideas can lead you to the top. Every announcement, every new product launch from Apple is always awaited by countless customers who enjoy company’s products. And every Apple products has been reportedly and constantly improved in order to not only meet but also exceed customers’ expectations. This is where innovation comes in: company assesses the success of an established product and challenges its capabilities to deliver something even better.


Growing Your Business through Transformation 

After Innovation, there’s time for Transformation processes.

Similarly, let’s look at example of Google – a truly transformative company. Nowadays, search engine is used by almost everyone with access to the internet. It is highly recognisable and extremely easy to use. But it wasn’t always like this. Google has undergone enormous transformation by constant revision, optimisation as well as reconfiguration in order to deliver more accurate and relevant search results for users all around the globe. Company has allowed users to search for what they want and need. In doing so, it has also provided businesses with the tools needed to reach their audiences. Google has realised the importance and need for transformation in order to meet changing market demands.


So what should we do - innovate or transform? To keep it short: we should do both - be innovative to constantly improve, and transform to grow your business every day. 



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