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Digital Transformation - Success Stories You Should Learn From

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 21-Aug-2018 07:30:00


In one of our previous blogs, we've talked about Key Factors to Successful Digital Transformation (in case you missed it – here’s the link: https://blog.b60apps.co.uk/digital-transformation-key-factors-to-success ).

Now, knowing how to start your journey towards Digital Transformation, let’s find out how leading global companies have realised the potential of Digital Transformation, acted upon it, and most importantly - what we can learn from them.


Deploying Digital Transformation isn’t easy – it takes a massive amount of time and effort from everyone within the company. But when implemented the right way, Digital Transformation can certainly set business apart from its competitors. 
Subway - It's About Your Customers 


On their way to Digital Transformation Subway has refocused IT around the customer experience. It has launched new programs which aim to enhance guest engagement, improved access to the brand for current and potential customers to attract and retain more loyal customers around the world.

In order to succeed instead of just following trends, Subway has decided to take initiative and create its own and unique digital experience for customers. It started from conducting research which would give them an insight into customer’s’ decision making process prior to purchase. Interestingly, according to Subway research over 60% of customers decide where they’re going to go within an hour of arriving at the restaurant, and over 40% of them use a mobile device to make that decision. It means that by contrast to the past where the guest experience was non-digital and occurring within the four walls of the restaurant, now people make their decision about where to eat and what to eat outside of the restaurant/take away and they are likely to use their mobile phones when they do it.

But how exactly did Subway use this information? They hired a team of specialists to analyse the data collected to understand past customer interaction in order to influence future engagement. Subway is completely changing the customer experience by being accessible to all customers, reaching them where they are, and enabling them to locate the sandwich shop, see the menu and even place the order from their mobile phones.


What we can learn from this story: You need to know your customers, their needs and expectations! Only then will you  be able to give them what they want... and remember: don't be afraid of technology - it can be your greatest facilitator.

JetBlue - Make Things Easier 

JetBlue-Los-Angeles-ExpansionJetBlue was focusing its strategy on digitisation since its foundation in 1998. They have always prioritised process efficiency which they were able to achieve by automating or eliminating transactions that don’t add any value to the customer experience.

One of the best examples of JetBlue’s digitalised approach is the Auto Check – In service they provide. The feature automatically registers all passengers, assigns them seats based on their preferences and sends out boarding passes 24 hours before the flight meaning that customers don’t have to worry about checking in as system will do it for them!

Another great example of JetBlue value-added services is its inflight Wi-Fi, Fly-Fi. It enhances customer service and facilitates crew’s productivity. But how exactly does it work? Using iPads cabin crew has access all sort of information from seat map to individual customer information, such as their birthday or type of loyalty membership. They can also access information regarding connecting flight, what means that in case of delays, flight attendants may recommend or suggest any alternative options.

Additionally, JetBlue has also launched JetBlue Technology Ventures, a subsidiary focusing on investing and researching on up-and-coming technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), AI, big data, VR and machine-learning projects.


What we can learn from this story: Make things easier for yourself and your customers – they don’t want new shiny objects that will bring them nothing but just pretty visuals. Instead they’d rather have something that might be not as great but works as it should and adds value to their experience with your company.


Walmart - Focus on Both 

3499798_originalIn 2011 Walmart – one of the leading retailers in the world heavily invested in Digital Transformation setting up independent online retail unit, hoping it would open up new markets. By 2015 Walmart was spending $1 billion on equipment and HR for online sales, not mentioning employing 3,600 people. It focused on its digital strategy, introduced new models, and linked e-commerce to its real-world stores. But apart form that, what else did it do during its digital journey?

Walmart has created mobile app aimed at saving the consumers’ time and money, and improving the shopping experience, introducing features such as its unique digital payment platform - Walmart Pay, which speeds up the checkout process, and a popular price matching tool - Savings Catcher that encourages consumers to put their trust in the prices at Walmart.

But Walmart didn’t forget about its biggest advantage: its physical stores. Instead, it used technology to improve customer experience in those stores.

  • Store Pick Up – you can order online and pick up in stores by scanning the barcode sent to your smartphone.
  • Scan and Go – in order to help customers avoid waiting in long queues, Walmart introduced Scan and Go service where you use Walmart-provided handheld device to scan items as you shop, then pay directly on the device, and exit the store after just showing the receipt to a Walmart associate.
  • Ordering Kiosks – simply place a deli order and go to do the rest of your shopping, then come back when your order is ready. It’s that easy.


What we can learn from this story: Digital Technology has enormous potential! You can use it in e-commerce as well as in physical stores. You don’t have to focus on one area – mix them together and you will come up with the best results.



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