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Digital Transformation - Key Factors to Success

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 07-Aug-2018 07:30:00


Everyone strives for success whether it is a personal achievement or work related accomplishment. Thus, it comes as no surprise that every business wants to excel at what they do. However, only few know how to do it. And in today’s world of digital literacy Digital Transformation can be the answer to many businesses which ask the same question: ‘How do I succeed?’

Yet, Digital Transformation itself is not enough – it needs to be planned and implemented so that it works for both, company and its stakeholders.

Naturally, there is no universal way of deploying Digital Transformation as businesses differ according to their objectives and needs.

But there are some key factors that can positively impact company’s approach to Digital Transformation.


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Culture Is What Really Matters
Essentially, organisation culture is the set of beliefs, values and behaviours that contribute to unique psychological and social environment of a business. But what exactly does it mean in relation to Digital Transformation? Well, most businesses have just recently started changing their corporate culture to be more innovative and change-oriented. By doing so they not only accept but also anticipate change. This in turn creates a sense of impatience and urgency when it comes to successful adaptation of digital technologies and processes within company. 

Right People Are Everything

Directly linked to corporate culture are the right people working for the company. Leaders do indeed create and communicate a vision, however without people with the right attitude this vision has no chances of being implemented. This is why it is so important to employ people with the right mind-set and personalities. Not everyone likes changes and one thing for sure – Digital Transformation requires changes. It is not easy to get people to accept new technologies and processes within a business. Some want to accept it but might not understand it and some show no intentions of even wanting to understand it. And regardless of type of change in your business, if people don’t understand the benefits of it, they will never accept it. For this reason, every business which considers Digital Transformation must have people who are:

  • Risk- Takers
  • Open to Change and Innovation
  • Not Afraid of Failure
  • Able to Learn and Fail Fast


Failing Fast Is The Way To Do It

Just like everyone strives for success, most people are afraid to fail. And this is not only the case for people but also for companies – no business wants to lose customers or find out that its product does not meet expectations when compared with those of competitors. But what businesses must understand is that they need to accept failure on their journey to success. Once they do it, they can benefit from it by learning how to fail fast. But what is failing fast? It implements the idea of term ‘agile’. When deploying Digital Transformation companies must expect change during every stage of the process. Essentially, it’s about testing, changing, improving and most importantly learning. If something doesn’t work – fix it as soon possible and as many times as needed.

Don’t wait until everything is done, do it regularly and then you will reduce the risk of great failure by failing fast.


Data Is Everywhere

When mentioning Digital Transformation, you cannot forget about data as in today’s world it is a fuel for innovation and not only can but also should be used for creating and delivering value. Each logical decision is ought to be made based on reliable data, forecast and measurements. Of course, still depend on your intuition and creative thinking but remember when you combine it with suitable data you can expect great results! In other words – don’t be afraid of data, take advantage of it and turn it into action.


Don't Forget About The Strategy 

Last but not least… You cannot deploy Digital Transformation without right strategy. And strategy is interlinked with each point mentioned above as it glues everything together. Thus, when you have great strategy your business and corporate culture must reflect it. Apart from that, your strategy must be communicated to your people and in order to live it they must understand it. Part of your strategy is failing and learning fast - this will help you accept and anticipate  change. And as mentioned before if you want to succeed rely on your data. Remember to include it when thinking about your strategy at the beginning of your digital journey.  


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