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Digital Transformation - 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 28-Aug-2018 07:30:00


Digital Transformation – for many companies still relatively new practice - can bring plethora of benefits and advantages to businesses, which deploy it in the right way.

However, only handful of companies is likely to succeed in transforming their business. For others, Digital Transformation still remains a challenge as they constantly make the same errors, which lead to the failure on their digital journey.

And it is needless to say that when done wrong, Digital Transformation can not only put business operations and strategies into disarray but also confuse and discourage your employees from wanting to accept and try it ever again.

So, here are 5 common mistakes you should avoid if you want your business to manage and implement Digital Transformation effectively.


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1. Focusing on Short - term Goals Only

One of the most common, if not, the most common mistake. Many companies, think about Digital Transformation in terms of quick or easy wins, which can help them improve their customer service and customer relationships, create new revenue opportunities or streamline costs. By doing so, they seem to forget or don’t even realise that Digital Transformation should be viewed as ongoing, continuous process of change.

Most companies deploying Digital Transformation appear to focus on ticking boxes to get it done as soon as possible believing that it is enough to transform their business. However, this approach completely misses the real idea of transformation, which might take a lot of time and effort but should be permanent and consistent, implemented by everyone in the company.

2. Thinking Tech Is the Most Important 

Nowadays, most businesses think that to be successful in deploying Digital Transformation, utilisng the newest technology is enough. More than that, they believe that this technology is the only thing they need in order to implement and manage their transformation successfully. And this is where they make a mistake.

It is true, you need technology to transform your business digitally, but technology is only an enabler – your customers and customer experience you want to deliver should be your key driver and motivator. You can’t just rely on technology without seeing the bigger picture and knowing why you want to change your business and what new and unique experience you want to bring to your customers.


3. Failing to Involve C - suite  

It seems quite natural and normal that every major change in the company would involve people on the top. But it is not always the case, especially when it comes to Digital Transformation.

One thing for sure, it is important to involve everyone within company but it is equally important to remember that giving your employees new smartphones or tablets or getting them to use your new mobile app is not going to change much. Using new technologies within your business cannot be called Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation is creating new business models ad processes, which leverage new tech advances. And in order to do that, transformation needs to be led from the top down, where CEOs are as involved in and understand the changes as much as the rest of the company.


4. Moving Too Fast

Of course, everyone wants to succeed as soon as possible. And companies implementing Digital Transformation are no exceptions. But while ambitious objectives can be a great motivator, it is important to scale your abilities up to your aims.  

As overhauling the organisation can be quite delicate and complicated process, rushing things will not be advantageous to your business. Take your time, focus on manageable steps that will help you avoid chaos in your company. Although, for many Digital Transformation is associated with a certain need for urgency in order to match with other successful businesses, do not make this mistake. Digital Transformation is a long marathon and journey that never ends and for this reason you shouldn’t rush it.


5. Don’t Copy Others – Be Yourself

It completely understandable that most businesses want to be as successful as Apple, Google or Amazon. And while there is nothing wrong with striving to be the best, you cannot achieve that by copying others. Don’t be afraid to risk and try new ideas – some of them might not work, but you might come up with one innovative thought that can change your business forever.

Remember if you’re trying to chase after giants like Apple you might get discouraged in the middle of your digital journey. Instead, be yourself and be original – you might be surprised how much you’ve got to offer to your customers when you stop comparing yourself to your competitors.




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