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Mobility in the workplace - Enterprise Mobility

Posted by Trevor O'rourke on 02-May-2018 15:28:02

Mobility in the workplace...

Creating Mobility Solutions in your business is not a problem, it’s an opportunity. In the coming weeks we will look at how Enterprise Mobility is reshaping how we run our businesses across various sectors.

 Mobility in the work place



Construction mobile apps!

This week we take a brief look at the Construction Sector.

With growth figures for the Global Construction industry predicted to reach a record high, the potential for the deployment of new technologies has never been better.

One of the first benefits of Mobility Solutions is real time communication across multiple people, across multiple project sites, allowing management secure and fast delivery of key decisions. It will also provide the ability to initiate direct channels between workers, helping to solve simple on-site issues instantly.


This in turn leads to better productivity through more effective Project Management and the ability to input more effective workflow practices. It can become an effective tool for communication between all parties to a site, Architects, Engineers and Project Managers. Travel time can be reduced by direct contact and information sharing back to base or other sites.


Another benefit is access to real time data rather than the delayed reporting currently in place. This can include inventory on a site by site basis, timeline information relating to sub-contractors and payroll.


It can also aid in predicting end times for projects allowing the salesforce to gear up for the next job.

Other issues that can benefit from Mobility Solutions include;

  • Stock reporting
  • HR issues - Sick Leave-Health and Safety-Compliance
  • On-site reporting and inspection
  • Real time access to blueprints, permits and other critical information
  • No more paper!


There is no such thing as too small or too big. Whether you are a Plumbing Contractor or a Construction Industry leader, Mobility is the future…Are you ready for it?


At B60 we have a process to help you get ready….

Through a proven Workshop technique, we will help you to;

  • Understand you pain point and analyse how Mobility can work specifically for you
  • Review your current workflow procedures and analyse your existing infrastructure
  • Concept design and budget
  • Delivery of a World Class product

Get in touch for a free initial consultation.


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