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Construction Enterprise Apps

Posted by Karl Mulligan on 12-Jul-2018 14:14:56

Construction is one industry that is on the verge of transformation due to the growing potential for the application of mobile technology. According to Lynn Langmade, author of the Construction Productivity blog, “for construction companies that want to increase their productivity and grow their business, it’s critical not just to have a solid foundation on the ground, but also a solid foundation in the cloud”. This assertion is supported by Robert Ring, the associate editor of Construction Business Owner. “There are many ways in which both consumer mobile devices and specialized industry devices can improve efficiency in any workplace, but this is especially true for construction.”


Traditional construction is highly complex for a range of reasons including…

  • Necessity to manage multiple stakeholders simultaneously (clients, regulatory bodies, main contractor, sub-contractors, suppliers etc.)
  • Necessity to manage on-site manpower, materials and equipment, in combination, in real time
  • Necessity to constantly share up to date information between contractors’ offices and construction sites


This complexity can lead to inefficiencies, down-time, wastage, miscommunication, margin erosion and so on.

Fortunately, the emergence of enterprise level mobile technologies has the potential to solve these issues. The benefits of adopting appropriate mobile applications include…

  1. Reduced construction delays through improved visibility and optimal allocation of resources
  2. Availability of real-time mobile access to plans, schedules, regulations and other essential information
  3. Improved communication with owners and project stakeholders
  4. Documenting projects status, issues, solutions and progress more accurately and more quickly
  5. Increased back-office efficiency and improved workflow management
  6. Improved accountability and productivity of field staff
  7. Tracking and monitoring equipment assets and stock materials and their locations, condition and performance


This all sounds fantastic! However, in reality, the construction industry is somewhat resistant to change. In an article published on http://constructionexec.com on Jan 10th 2017, the author points out that “Most construction industry professionals acknowledge that increased adoption of technology is in their future. Yet many still resist committing their time or money, and others invest sporadically, hoping to see results by using tech for tech's sake.” This is despite the findings of the World Economic Forum, "Wherever the new technologies have properly permeated this fragmented industry, the outlook is an almost 20 percent reduction in total life cycle costs of a project, as well as substantial improvements in completion time, quality and safety."


The obvious question arising is, despite the pretty spectacular potential benefits of implementing enterprise mobile technologies into their business, why are many contractors hesitant to move this agenda forward? In all likelihood, it is simply a lack of awareness of what technologies to adopt, what roles they should play and how they should be applied in the business.


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