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Building Your Digital Dream Team

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 01-Nov-2018 07:30:00

Digital Transformation has become a buzzword lately. A lot has been said about the positive impact of digital changes on firms. And no one is surprised that Digital Transformation is the key to the great success and longevity for many businesses. In our previous articles, we addressed some of the crucial aspects of implementing a successful Digital Transformation, ranging from key success factors and success stories, common mistakes to avoid, to how Digital Transformation is impacting different industries such as finance or retail.

Do you remember our 4 Steps to Digital Transformation? You need to empower your people! But what kind of people? In order to successfully implement Digital Transformation, you need to build a team that is going to support you all the way there.

In this article, you will find out how to build your Digital Dream Team, because the right team will have as much impact on your success as any of the other elements.


Have the Right Mix of People

There’s no doubt that when building your Digital Team, you will need to have the right mix of people, from both internal and external sources. But first, let’s focus on people from your own company. How do you choose them, and what will you need from them?


1. Internal Talents 

Essentially, you need to realise that any kind of transformation will have an impact on all areas of your business, especially when we’re talking about Digital Transformation. Therefore, you need your internal people representing each aspect of the areas of technology and business that will be affected by the transformation. Try to identify people who are heavily engaged in the business, know it extremely well, but at the same time they are open to changes and willing to experiment. Digital Transformation certainly isn’t a piece of cake, and you will need the very best and brightest people to be a part of that. You know your people better than anyone else so this decision must be made by you – a business owner.


2. Outside Experts 

Now, after our short introduction to your internal team let’s see how to choose your external partners, because you will definitely need them! Remember, you should have someone with a knowledge and an experience in this field if you want your Digital Journey to be as seamless as possible. And here, we can distinguish two types of the outside experts.

The first one is a technology partner. Fundamentally, their major task is to bridge the gap between technology and its deployment. If you have someone like that in your company – that’s great, but if you don’t, you need to recruit them as Digital Transformation will not take place without some necessary technological changes and improvements. Be careful when looking for your technology partner – review their previous work and most importantly ask them how they respond to any substantial problems. Digital Transformation is a difficult process and you want to be sure your partner will be there with you through the whole process.

The second type of an expert is focused on a people problem of Digital Transformation. You can think of it as a softer side of changing your business, but don’t be mistaken – it’s equally important! This type of external partner has many names – some call them Change Agents, others use phrase Change Managers. Regardless of the name – their responsibility is the same: implementing transformation by improving your business design and changing your people’s attitude. Change agents will bring the fresh perspective of outsiders. They might come from different fields and have varied experience but because of that they can overcome your blinders and blockers. Outside experts and firms have the advantage of not carrying baggage into the equation and can be key players that can answer questions you didn't know to ask.

Here’s a short vlog from our CEO Chris Williams, where he explains the importance of diversity in your hiring strategy.


Make Them a Team

You have your internal people, you also have your outside experts in both a technology and a people side of the business. Great! Now, you just need to make them a team.


Remember, your team will need to work together, communicate and collaborate to successfully implement Digital Transformation into your business. Sometimes your internal people will need to depend on the knowledge and the expertise of the outside experts. And you need to make them understand that this approach will benefit the company. Nobody likes changes and nobody likes strangers telling them what to do, but in this case a certain authority will need to be given to the external partners so that they can carry on with their work. Be extremely transparent with that, they’re here to help you so if you can eliminate for them any blockers , which will slow down the whole process, do it!

Your Digital Team will need to meet up at least once a week! Whether, in the real life or through a video conference, this kind of weekly stand ups will allow your dream team to identify any problems or issues, and react rapidly and effectively. Don’t be afraid of failure – in the end we learn from our mistakes, and if you learn how to fail fast your team will be able to work in a fast paced and agile environment for Digital Transformation.  



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