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B60 in Attendance For Marine Antiquities Scheme Launch

Posted by Andrew Floyd on 22-Jul-2016 10:20:39
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A scheme to help protect the nation’s marine heritage was launched at the British Museum in London yesterday afternoon, with B60 in attendance.

The Marine Antiquities Scheme (MAS) is a joint initiative funded by The Crown Estate and aims to encourage the recording of archaeological and historical objects found by marine users in English and Welsh waters.

B60 developed a simple-to-use app that makes recording finds an easy process and gives finders immediate feedback as well as instructions on their statutory obligations, including the need to report any wreck to Receiver of Wreck.

Chris Williams, B60 Chief Executive, said: “We’re really proud to have played a part in such an innovative project supporting an outstanding scheme.

“The team at B60 have worked extremely hard, as have the wider collaborative teams from all of the organisations involved in bringing this project to life.”

The MAS app allows users to locate, record and submit information about archaeological material discovered anywhere within English or Welsh waters from the Mean Low Water Level.

Users are also able to record finds online via an electronic recording form located on the scheme’s website www.marinefinds.org.uk.

Channel 4's Time Team star Phil Harding was invited to be a guest speaker, whilst there were also representatives from the British Museum, The Crown Estate and Wessex Archaeology. 


The Crown Estate’s Matt Clear said: “The Marine Antiquities Scheme provides a way to record all types of underwater finds and at the same time it will help to both protect and improve the knowledge of our shared underwater cultural heritage.

“As active managers of this natural resource, we have funded MAS through our stewardship programme to secure the future of our marine heritage whilst also supporting its responsible and sustainable development over the long-term.”

The app is now available to download from relevant app stores for iOS and Android phones and tablets.


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