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Why You Need A Product Owner

Posted by Pete on 20-Jul-2018 16:07:56

In this episode of B60 TV B60 CEO, Chris Williams and Product Owner and Digital Transformation specialist, Alex Hansford talk about the importance of having a product owner.

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Topics: Enterprise Mobility, Digital Transformation, App Development, B60 Staff, Emerging Technology, retail

Wearable tech and business applications

Posted by Pete on 12-Dec-2014 16:55:38

Wearable Technology – Enterprise Applications

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Topics: Wearable Tech

Creating an effective BYOD policy, really is important!

Posted by Pete on 01-Dec-2014 10:57:21

BYOD – Pros, Cons and Considerations

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Topics: Enterprise Mobility

Apple (Product) Red

Posted by Pete on 27-Nov-2014 19:01:26

Apple Teams with (PRODUCT) RED to Raise Money For World Aids Day

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Topics: General Tech News

Wearable Technologies

Posted by Pete on 27-Nov-2014 18:19:04

What we learnt about wearable technologies from the Gadget Show Guru

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Topics: Wearable Tech

Connected... Everything but the kitchen sink

Posted by Pete on 26-Nov-2014 16:25:19

The Internet of Things, connecting us to our "Things" like never before

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Topics: IoT

“Website? No, I send brochures, thanks”

Posted by Pete on 23-Sep-2014 16:00:19

"Website?, No I send brochures, thanks"

Whilst this may have been an acceptable answer to the question "do you have a website?" back in the late 1990s, it's likely to raise eyebrows nowadays and most certainly be restricted to a small number of industries that haven't embraced modern opportunities. "Googling" something is now a widely understood term and accepted even in formal documents.

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Topics: Enterprise Mobility

When ‘Push’ Comes to Shove, Mobile Has a Distinct Advantage.

Posted by Pete on 19-Sep-2014 14:43:09

"50% of adults utilise push notifications to receive special and exclusive offers..."

In mobile there’s a huge amount of noise around ‘Push’ or ‘Push Notifications’, but what exactly does this mean for businesses?

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Topics: Mobile Marketing