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Ellie is the Digital Marketer at B60.
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The Future of Mobile Banking

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 02-Aug-2017 09:30:23

You might not have noticed, but a banking revolution is underway. Along with all the major high street banking institutions scrambling to outdo each other with their mobile offerings, there are a fleet of startups beginning to compete in the mobile banking market.



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Welcome to B60 - Dal Sohal, our new Account Manager!

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 07-Jul-2017 10:54:49

B60 are pleased to welcome the newest member of our team, Dal Sohal. Dal is joining B60 as our newest Account Manager.  He will be keeping our clients updated and happy throughout the consultancy and development process and making sure it runs like a well-oiled machine.


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Ideas and Innovation aren't enough: It's the Execution that counts 

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 05-Jul-2017 13:38:42


In an industry like mobile app development, we have many people that approach us with amazing ideas and bountiful enthusiasm. Ideas alone, however, aren’t good enough. This is the day and age where ideas and innovation are an absolute race against time before someone else is nipping at your idea’s feet. You have to be able to produce evidence in order to get the mobile app investment and traction that you will need to successfully launch the product/service.



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TechXLR8 and London Tech Week 2017: B60 Review

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 19-Jun-2017 14:06:40


Last week, the B60 Sales and Marketing team packed their suitcases and headed down to extremely sunny East London for TechXLR8, arranged by Knect365 and part of the London Tech Week. It was a time for the whole team to come together. As we have expanded, we have consultants in the US, London and Ireland (as well as the trusty West Midlands HQ!) so it was a great team bonding exercise, as well as a brilliant opportunity to showcase our brand and to learn about emerging tech from global leaders and pioneering startups.





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Planet of the Apps - The B60 Breakdown

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 08-Jun-2017 11:25:33

You may have seen the super dramatic, super cheesy and super American adverts for the brand new Apple show ‘Planet of the Apps’. If you haven’t, will.i.am told Apple that people would want to watch budding ‘app-trepreneurs’ (have I coined that phrase?) slide down an escalator for sixty seconds pitching their app idea to 4 sassy public figures – will.i.am, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gary Vaynerchuk. If the advisors like the idea and ‘swipe’ to accept working with the budding techies, they then support them through a development and fundraising process to get the app in the app store via a final venture capitalist pitch. It’s a bit like an ‘Inception’ of Dragon’s Den - A Dragon’s Den within a Dragon’s Den.


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Working for a Mobile App Agency: Life at B60

Posted by Eleanor Burt on 31-May-2017 08:48:45

When I started this job a week ago I was scared. I had no experience of working in the tech industry and I had even less experience of working in mobile app development. Fret not, Dear Reader, as I am not at all responsible for the creation of apps here at B60 and your new 'under construction' app is not being compromised by my employment. 

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