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Artificial Intelligence's role in Customer Engagement

Posted by Fran Geddes on 23-Nov-2017 10:49:00
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Customers can be hard to please. With service expectations and demands ever evolving due to the rapid advances in consumer technologies, quality customer service has never been more important. Market saturation and innovative start ups are forcing brands, with even the most loyal and dedicated customer base, to evaluate their level of service and get creative with customer service solutions.

Artificial intelligence (AI), and the prospect

s it presents, should be part of any successful business’ digital strategy. The opportunities the technology presents are vital to delivering high-quality, competitive customer service, and I guarantee if you are not considering it, your competitors will be.


Efficient Analysis of Customer Base 

Artificial intelligence has the capability to analyse masses of data within seconds. From identifying high-value customers to recognising individual’s spending habits, AI can provide full, detailed insights into your customer base.


Anticipate Customer Needs

Utilising AI’s data analysis skills, sales, marketing and customer service roles can practise data-driven marketing, referencing insights pulled from your AI assistant’s analysis. You will have access to information about an individual’s history with the company, past purchases and user journey, and this vital data will help you reflect on ways to improve your customer experience.


Personalised Campaigns

Artificial intelligence knows so much about your customers, it can even recognise an individual’s taste and can recommend products and services most suited to them. The technology can assist brands in delivering personalised, hyper-relevant sales and marketing campaigns. AI can identify specific products/services to market to individual users at a time that best suits them. It uses relevant messaging to increase conversions, drive engagement and overall, improve your customer experience.


Multichannel Marketing

To improve your service, AI can be paired with other emerging tech to advance its usage and capabilities even further. Beacon technology and proximity services can bridge the gap between the digital and physical world, ensuring your customer service is synonymous across all your business eco-system. Customers can be reminded of relevant offers or services provided by your brand when they are within proximity of your physical location. 


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AI is highly technological and can be complex and confusing to understand, and even harder to introduce into a well-refined eco-system within your business. Company culture and large, established infrastructure can radically slow down, or halt, the process of implementation all together. If you wish to utilise the potential of AI within your business, it’s important to remember these 4 points.


  1. Educate Your Employees and Customers
  2. Be Transparent: Disclose to your customers how their information is being stored and used. Consumers who trust your business are more likely to engage.
  3. Emphasis Security: Due to the digital age we live in, cyber security is an ever-increasing public concern, businesses and brands who are clear about their security policy will gain a trust from their customers.
  4. Monitor and Use Human Interjection If Necessary: Whilst AI technology is progressively advanced and intelligent, some customers may feel an automated, technology service is impersonal or even just too confusing to use. Be mindful of these customers and utilise your human staff when needed.


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