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6 Traits of True Digital Leaders

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 16-Aug-2018 07:30:00


Every company needs a leader. Someone who will guide other people, help them when they’re struggling, make decisions no one wants to make and take responsibility when others are too scared. Being a leader isn’t easy and being the leader in the age of Digital Transformation is even harder.

It may be that for this reason some companies are constantly avoiding change –someone needs to drive forward this change and be ready to face any challenges business might face during its digital journey.


Of course, there are certain characteristics that every good leader should have. They are ought to be confident, fair, honest, positive and creative. But do these traits help leaders when deploying Digital Transformation? Most likely, they won’t bring any harm but unfortunately, they also won’t bring advantages in setting you apart from your competitors.   

So which traits of Digital Leaders can actually make a difference?  

1. Digital Visionary 

In order to drive Digital Transformation in your company, you must have a vision. But not just any vision! You will need to be focused on your digital journey and make it your business priority. Embed your innovative spirit and big dreams into your new digital vision for your company. Don’t be afraid of digital technology and keep learning it. If you come up with an idea – don’t be scared just test it and see if it works. Don’t wait as others might come up with similar ideas and then your vision will lose its chance.  

2. Agile Adapter 

Don’t be afraid of failure – fail fast and learn even faster. Adopt agile approach in every department of your company, train people on how to fail and not blame themselves. When you do that, not only your business but also your employees will be prepared to execute strategies and processes with speed and rigour. You will be able to respond to change and improve quicker than ever and your people will definitely appreciate it.


3. Collaboration Promoter 

Collaboration is the key! Without collaboration, there’s no learning and without learning there will be no progress. This is why great Digital Leader will promote collaboration between all departments, functions and employees within the company. You must be able to connect to people, work and communicate with them to produce something great. It will not only inspire innovative thinking and ideas sharing but it will also help you understand people in your company, their struggles and fears. And by doing that you will be able to drive your Digital Transformation forward.


4. Inspirational Influencer 

Digital Transformation will impact everyone in the organisation. And for it to be successful you need to have everyone on board. But it’s not that easy. Some people fear and avoid change and if you want to transform your business – sooner or later you will have to face them. So why would you wait? Inspire your people now. Talk to them, make them understand and share your new digital vision. Only then, they will be prepared to face the change you’re planning to implement and are less likely to deny it.


5. Unreasonably Curious 

Simply be curious... about everything. If you think something is relevant today, in the age of Digital Transformation, tomorrow it can be replaced by something completely new and different. That is why, it’s you who needs to be ahead of the game with all technology trends! But that’s not all – be curious about your company, your people, your customers and their needs and how you can exceed them. Be an explorer and you will see that your digital change is not an obstacle but a mean to achieving what you want.


6. Fearless Experimenter 

For many businesses experimentation can be the biggest challenge they face in a digital environment. For this reason, to be experimental company must hire risk-takers and create environment where people are encouraged and rewarded not only for succeeding but also for trying hard. And it’s leader’s job to create this environment and by doing so driving Digital Transformation in the organisation.  



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