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6 Digital Projects That Are Real Game-changers

Posted by Anna Mielczarek on 22-Nov-2018 07:30:00

Digital Transformation can help companies improve and transform customer experience, encourage collaboration between departments, update skillset and knowledge, and foster a digital culture. But what is a common factor of these benefits? Well, they all focus on the business. However, apart from impacting business, Digital Transformation can also benefit people and communities.

Here, we can talk about Tech for Good initiatives.

Essentially, Tech for Good is a community of people, projects, organisations and funders promoting the role of technology to improve social, environmental and economic outcomes. (Nissa Ramsay, Consultant at Think Social Tech and former Comic Relief Tech for Good Evaluation Lead)

Tech for Good is a digital technology that aims to solve the world’s problems or simply bring joy and hope to people.

So, what are the most interesting Digital Projects, which do that? Let’s find out.

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 1. PANDA Guide

 PANDA Guide is the first virtual assistant for people with impaired vision.


PANDA is an augmented reality audio headset fitted with a miniature camera, which utilises Open Database compiling thousands of different pictures. They enable Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn how to recognise items faster and more accurately. PANDA Guide uses a range of technology including cognitive vision, artificial intelligence, osteophony and 3D sound. It reacts to its user’s voice and responds to their requests by describing the environment. While it doesn’t replace human assistance, this clever and discreet device helps to give a new level of independence to visually impaired people.

It’s worth mentioning that in 2017 PANDA Guide won Audience Award at the EDF Pulse Awards, which support the French and European start-ups who are inventing the electrical future.


2. KindVR

KindVR creates custom virtual reality therapies to help patients lower their pain and stress due to medical procedures and conditions. Remember when we talked about the emerging technologies in the healthcare sector, and how Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjärtat provides patients with a virtual reality experience where the customer is taken to a serene lakeside paradise where they can interact with the surroundings.

The idea of KindVR is really similar: they want to provide clinically validated virtual reality therapy to every patient in need.

KindVR is working with top research hospitals on eight clinical trials in the following areas:

  • Sickle cell disease patients experiencing a vaso-occlussive crisis
  • Cancer patients undergoing a mediport access procedure
  • ER patients having a laceration repair
  • Pre-op patients experiencing stress
  • Patients preparing for an MRI




3. Seed Drones and Seed Bombs

Aerial reforestation aims to plant faster and more efficiently than ever by minimising human resource and costs in tree planting projects.


Seeding Drones - drone carrying seed bags spread evenly over a planned area. After that, all care and protection process will be automated with Drone & assistant technologies.

Seed Bombs - the seeds are mixed into the suitable compost containing the soil moisture and nutrients. Then the seed bombs containing hundreds of pellets will be released into the planned areas.

The seeds can be also contained in fully biodegradable “bombs”, designed to ensure high germination rates.




4. Chatterbox

Chatterbox was created to find meaningful work for the under-utilised talent of refugees. It does this by arranging language lessons taught by native speakers.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 12.47.27

The startup was founded in 2016 by Mursal Hedayat, a refugee from Afghanistan. Hedayat had fled the country as a three-year-old in 1994. She arrived in the UK with her mother, a civil engineer who spoke four languages but struggled to find work.

Chatterbox helps refugees like her mother turn their talents into jobs. It provides a platform to find speakers and arrange classes online or in-person, with the support of technology including online booking and video classrooms. Chatterbox Conversation Practice is used by leading universities and its Complete Language Tuition courses have 100% completion rate.


5Dot Watch 

Dot is the first ever Braille smartwatch, and it’s quite simple to use. Underneath the dial are four motorised modules, each with six possible dots. Each dot can be raised or lowered individually, so the Dot can display up to four braille characters at a time. The wearer then just reads the dial as he or she would a piece of paper with braille on it. The dial is concave to offer a protective rim around the braille modules themselves, making it easier to wear the watch day in and day out.



6. OmniDynamics

OmniDynamics is a Bristol-based company, which uses robotics and 3D printing to reduce plastic waste.

Its most popular product ‘Strooder’ recycles plastic waste turning it into a filament for 3D printers. It is used by schools, universities and businesses and gives users the chance to reuse materials such as polypropylene which is not typically recycled. Strooder works by loading its hopper with pelletised raw or recycled plastic which is then melted to form a filament. It’s easy to use with customers selecting the material and colour of the 3D print, while Strooder does the rest. Strooder can produce 1kg of filament in approximately 3 hours.



Of course, there are many more great digital projects, which change our life, but for now we've decided to choose just a handful of them! 



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