Five Takeaway Apps That Let You Eat What You Want

Posted by Alex Mills-Baker on 11-May-2017 09:39:05
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You may not know this but today, May the 11th, is Eat What You Want Day. Yep you read that right, May the 11th is one of only two days a year when you can guiltlessly indulge in eating whatever you want, the other obviously being Christmas. 


(Eat What You Want Day is better than Christmas as there is no obligation to eat these monstrosities)


In order to celebrate, and as I’m on a bit of a sugar high, I decided to write about the five best apps to download to facilitate your day of food based fantasies.

Just Eat - 4/5

Currently the Daddy of all takeaway apps, Just Eat impressively offers over 27,000 takeaways at your fingertips. The app is beautifully made and highly intuitive which probably accounts for the heady ratings it achieves on the app stores, scoring 4.6 on Google Play and 4.5 on the Apple App Store. 

Just eat App B60 Apps.png

Hungry House - 3/5

Hungry House is essentially the same idea as Just Eat but falls down in my estimation initially due to the reduced number of restaurants. 10,000 playing 27,000 which sounds decisive but actually has little impact as most restaurants will only deliver in a five mile radius.

No, Hungry House actually falls down due to their highly annoying advertising campaign which I have to suffer through whilst getting my nightly Big Bang Theory fix.

Hungry House App B60.png

Deliveroo - 3/5

I love the concept of Deliveroo because of the story that inspired it. Banker William Shoo was frustrated with the lack of quality food he could get delivered to his office when working late. The idea of Deliveroo was to provide a service that meant you could get restaurant quality food without the hassle of going out for dinner.

deliveroo app 60.png

Now, this is a great concept if you’re a banker with an expense account but, for you and me, just wanting to have dinner on Friday night means you get restaurant food with restaurant prices whilst still having to do the washing up.


UberEATS - 1/5

A shameless copycat from Uber who have figured they can operate Deliveroo’s model better than the original company thanks to their existing delivering infrastructure.

UberEATS has the advantage of strong brand recognition but, as we always like to see originality in the app space, and the controversies surrounding Uber at the moment, it wouldn’t be my app of choice.

UberEATS app b60.png

Too Good To Go - 5/5

Ironically the worst app here gets the best review and is our #1 app for enjoying Eat What You Want Day. As an app in its relative infancy, the User Experience isn’t up there with the big boys and, at the point of writing, there are less than 3000 restaurants signed up.

However... this app helps save the world.

Too Good To Go is partnered with restaurants so they don’t have to throw away food at the end of service periods meaning, if you’re prepared to wait a little while for your dinner, you get delicious food for the same price as a coffee with the added bonus of less food waste.

too good to go app b60.png


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